Flowery Hangzhou Plant Markets

11/14/2014 Jenny Huang Tours Hangzhou 1804

Whatever kind of emotion we need to express, we have flowers for every occasion. Flowers are known to lighten up the mood and fill our lives with amazement. Finding flowers in Hangzhou is a very easy task with a large number of flower selling outlets on almost every major street. However, there are some special markets also in the town where you can find some special varieties suitable to your occasion. In such markets it may be possible that if search the right kind of flowers with enough time in hand, you may end up buying quite cheap ones.

Famous Flower Markets

Some of the famous flower markets of the city include Wushan Square’s Bird and Flower Market Hangzhou Chengxi Bird and Flower Market behind the Huangshang Supermarket, Qianjiang Flower Market in the west of the city and Fengqi Flower Market. The Bird and Flower Market by Wushan Square is one of the major markets of downtown. However, the Qianjiang Flower Market is much cheaper than any other market in the town.

Seasonal Flowers Available

Flowers range in the market depends on the ongoing season. The mid-Autumn festival falls in late September to early October. And this season, orchids are usually given away as gifts to your near and dear ones. Purple orchids are most chosen by the people across the country. These orchids are known as phalaenopsis orchids, referred to as hu die lan in Chinese. The value of these flowers depends on number of flowers present on the plant. The B level orchids contain three to four flowers and usually sell for CNY5 per stalk. Those with five to six flowers are considered A level and sell for CNY9. However, those with more than nine flowers fetch about CNY50.

Orchids come in many other colors also but the purple ones are the most popular. Purple orchids are usually given as gifts but people keep the white ones for themselves. They do not last long generally and had to be thrown away after about three months.

Winter happens to be the best season for plant sellers. The main flower that sells out the most in winters is plum blossom. Known as mei hua in Chinese, these flowers grow on trees which are as high as 32 feet. One branch of it fetches around CNY10. Most popular colors among these are red, yellow and white. These flowers come out in full force in month of December and generally last till springtime.

Seasonal Specialties

In the springtime, red palm is the flower that flower vendors are stocked up with. The name of the plant is derived from the fact that leaves of this plant look like human palm. It is known as Hong Zhang in Chinese. The red color is associated with red color on Chinese flag and therefore, the flower is used for display of patriotism. It sells for CNY60 usually; however, the pink variety of flower can fetch up to CNY120. Red heart or Chinese Hong Xin is flower of almost all festivals. When you are unsure of gift according to season, red heart is popular choice. It is one of the most profitable flowers and sells for around CNY240 per plant.

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