Jiupaojie Scenic Spot

6/6/2014 Young Sights Hangzhou 1964
Located in the territory of Pingmen town that is in the north of Chunan County, Jiupaojie scenic spots are referred to as Shangxifeng tourism district. It is only 25 kilometers far from the famous Thousand-island Lake scenery zone. It was given that name because it was blessed with nine various waterfalls as loud as thunder and in all their varied shapes and sizes.

Surrounded by mountains and girdled by a river, Jiupaojie scenic area with natural eco-environment consists of three great tourist resorts including Shiyuan Grand Canyon, Shangxi Gufeng and Gancaowan multiple waterfalls. Apart from the Jiukou waterfall with colorful scenery that is rare in the southern areas and situated in one place, the geological landscapes such as grotesque rock thrusting itself towards the sky and the underground rock prioritizing functions with great clarity also displayed that one could not get over the strangeness of it.

More to the point, Jiupaojie is also reputed as "the king of waterfalls in southern China." The water rushed passionately past boulders and over waterfalls. And the waterfall with a roar as of many voices was even more suffocating than before. It is easy to understand why the tourist resort is named as Jiupaojie, which the Jiupao means that nine people are shouting.

The people in Shangxi Village are mostly the descendant of Wang Xizhi, which has the deep accumulation of historical human culture and many historical relics of Great Cultural Revolution. It is well known that they are the offspring of Wang Xizhi who were used to be a well-known calligrapher in Eastern Jin Dynasty. Because the public transportation here is simply not adequate or convenient, it gradually became a sequestered place, enclosed and embraced in a single and winding valley, but that only makes it contained a large number of beautifully preserved historical and cultural relics.

Here the commodity economy has little or no influence on the village, so the natural economy, traditional culture and relics of the Great Cultural Revolution are all well-preserved. Shangxi Village is an ideal destination for vacationers because of its magic mountains and elegant water, which assemble the sightseeing and touring, venturing and exploring and summer resorts for holiday into one whole.

The landscape of Shiyuan Gorge draws its scale from dramatic physical features of the river enclosed by two mountains. The people lived in West Village with simple and honest folkway and beautiful natural scenes are very honest and kindhearted. Gancaowan Waterfalls of various forms and the highest quality have great aesthetic value as well. Around them were abundant plant species with high appreciative value, and the abundant water supplies and in turn ensures the soil and vegetation to be in a better natural cycling state.

Every pleasant spring days, the ancient trees peppered with new green are all blotting out the sky and covers the sun with luxuriant foliage. The peach and plum all emulate each other in spring time. Here you could have one delightful experience of the tranquil scenes in a paradise of a place.
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