Impression West Lake – Great Musical Show

10/8/2014 Seven Sights Hangzhou 5113
West Lake is situated in the western part of Hangzhou city. It is well known for its attractive scenery and great musical show, therefore, West Lake is rated as one of the most attractive tourist spots in land of China. West Lake was listed as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2011. During the day, it is possible for people to enjoy the real beauty of the lake by biking, boating, or walking along the lake. Near the lake, there are old buildings, shops, bars, galleries and other funny things that are worth to explore.

Impression Westlake is a famous evening combination spectacle of light, dance and music performance. Impression Westlake use lots of natural mountains as well as waters as the beautiful backdrop. This show is directed by the well-known director of China, Zhang Yimou. The music performances are mainly composed by the famous Japanese musician Kitaro. Normally, the show time is only for an hour. It consists mainly of five acts: Encounter, Fall in Love, Say Goodbye, Memory and Impression. The outdoor performances are also mixed with the show as it is very dazzling and combines a history of thousand years and the various legends of beautiful West Lake with neighboring attractive natural scenes. A perfect sound system and particularly designed concealable auditorium do provide more comfort and pleasant musical enjoyment for the audiences.

This top live action performance of China embodies the local culture and the distinct charm of the West Lake. It is in fact well known nationwide for the fantastic elegance and dreamlike show. Really, travelers to Hangzhou city are always eager for watching the wonderful performance as it is charming and mingled of history and culture of Hangzhou. The Impression Westlake is the third performance shown originally in 2007. The first and second performances are respective Impression Liu Sanjie and Impression Lijiang River.

The culture, history of the West Lake and the attractive natural landscape is the origin of the show. This performance clearly reappear the myths and folklores of the city of Hangzhou. It perfectly highlights the beauty and spirit of the amazing city. Using the best technology, people behind the Impression Westlake are recreating West Lake’s beauty in rain. The show perfectly exhibits the rooted culture of China in a life like manner.

It is easy to get tickets and arrange transportation facilities to view the Impression Westlake show. The show timings are generally from 7.45 pm to 8.55 pm every day. But in case of public holidays, the timings are from 9.15 pm to 10.25 pm. In case of heavy rain, the Impression Westlake show will be cancelled. This show is generally available from the month of March to December. It is scheduled to fold in the month of January as well as February. 
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