Wushan Tianfeng Scenic Resort

9/28/2018 Seven Sights Hangzhou 2499

Hangzhou is a city with an opulentpast and traditions, traversing back for more than 2000 years. This city first created a name in sixth century, with the opening up of Grand Canal and it being linked to the part of other cores of trade such as Suzhou. The Song house assisted to make Hangzhou illustrious when they relocated the majestic family here in the 12th Century. Hangzhou has since been a well-known vacationer attraction. One of such tempting places to visit in the Hangzhou city is the Wushan Tianfeng Scenic Resort Area.


Main Attraction

The Wushan Tianfeng Scenic Resort is also popularly known as the heavenly wind over Wushan Hill. It is a main town center located in the city. The scenic resort is situated over the Wushan hill which is located at the end of hills near the West Lake and is made up of more than ten peaks. The Wushan hill expands for quite a few miles and spreads into the downtown. Besides, it is natively known as the Chenghuang Hill. It is also a site where you can relish different sights in different periods for it is enclosed with a rich diversity of plants and flowers. There are a lot of strange shaped rocks and engravings on the hill.


Panoramic View

The Heavenly Wind of Wushan Hill which is located on the eastern part of the West Lake is one of the loveliest fascinations adjacent to the West Lake. On the topmost of Wushan Hill is located the Chenghuang pavilion, a temple which was finished in 1999 highlighting Yuan and Ming structural design style, posing panoramic sights of together the Qiantang River as well as the lake. 

The vision from the top is outstanding on a clear day, and there also are paths round the hills from the pagoda. The pagoda has been reorganized and now has an elevator and enjoyable open-air tea house situated at the uppermost and the original bell has been unharmed and still in use now. This region also features simple admission to the He fang street shopping road present at the base of the peak, filled with small prosaic streets and stalls for shopping. The Wushan Tianfeng Scenic Resort is regarded as one of the ‘Ten New highlights of the West Lake’. The Wushan Hill swells into the town of Hangzhou, giving growth to a picturesque attraction striking for its elegant sights, interesting rocks, shadowy caves, antique wells and plants and quite a few places of ancient interest.


How to reach

The transport system to Hangzhou is excellent. Tourists can take the High speed bullet train to reach the city and from the railway station, there are enough bus services to Wushan Square stop. From there it is easy to reach the Wushan Tianfeng Scenic Resort area. The admission fee for the resort is CNY 30. The scenic resort is opened from 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 pm.

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