Former Residence of Hu Xueyan – An Important Landmark Location in Hangzhou

9/30/2014 Meixuan Sights Hangzhou 4492
Former Residence of Hu Xueyan is a historically important building and one of the best Qing Dynasty structures still standing tall with all its beauty. This is the pride of Hangzhou city, near to the West Lake Scenic Area, in Shangcheng District of Zhejiang province in the People's Republic of China. You can drive straight to 18, Yuanbao Street and you will be surprised to see this time tested historical building standing with all its proud, which was once home for the rich merchant Hu Xueyan of Qing Dynasty. This old structure, indeed add the glamour the beautiful historical city Hangzhou. Besides the historically important location, Hangzhou is having wonderful scenic spot and a magnificent location.

Summary life the wealthy merchant

You may get surprised when you come to see the shoe-shaped ingot in the alley of the residence of Hu Xueyan. Not to get surprised, Chinese believe that a shoe-shaped ingot will bring fortune to the house. This is the first thing what you can see when you enter the house and after passing through a secluded alley. The alley is having more 120 years history and is called as Yuanbao alley. The shoe-shaped ingot shows how attached was Hu Xueyan with believes and his commitment reap success in business.

Mian shan cheng rong

Let us enter in to the front door. Immediately after entering the front door you will be greeted with sedan chair hall or we can call it as parking lot. Ginkgo wood is used to manufacture the sedan chairs. Above there is a plaque which depicts to read as "mian shan cheng rong" which was inscribed by Royal Emperor Tongzhi. The exit door is fixed as per 'vastu belief' or 'geometrical omen' and not directly positioned with the front door, instead it has fixed slightly east to the wall. He might have believed that fixing the door along the right axis will be difficult to keep his fortune and business success.

Passing through the second door, on your left side you can see the Zhiyuan Garden. This garden is located on the south side of Yangtze River. On the right side is the living quarters made of red hot bricks with engravings and also wood engraved works. The glass panes are imported and are more than 100 years old. Tourist will be confused always, how to and where to start their visiting session. Such is the beauty of the inner court yard with pavilions, rockeries, towers, corridors and marvelous decorations. One of the important places inside house is the opera hall, named Huijn Hall.

Exquisite luxury western style chandeliers

Hu Xueyan's international business connections can be read out through the exquisite luxury western style chandeliers dangling the main hall. All these chandeliers are important and have been bestowed with costly cut crystal glasses. The main hall is known as Yinglian Hall and this hall was used to receive foreign guests. From the top of the hall tower, one can watch the flow of Qiantang River. This hall was considered as the highest building during the Hu's era.

Tourism tips

The best season to visit Former Residence of Hu Xueyan is March to November. The complex will be open from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm and for entry, you have to pay CNY 20 per head. Tourists from Shanghai can be easily reached here by boarding the High speed train to Hangzhou and there are enough regular buses to Former Residence of Hu Xueyan.
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