Zhejiang Museum of Natural History – A Unique Experience

10/15/2014 Seven Sights Hangzhou 5397
Zhejiang Museum of Natural History is located at the West Lake Culture Square, at Hangzhou city, Zhejiang Province, in the People’s Republic of China. The museum has a wide display of various collections of historical relics to life specimens and various other scientific achievements. The new museum has a floor area of 26,000 square meters which is four times larger than its predecessor. The museum reception hall is constructed with the latest engineering technology, reflecting the construction advancement of Chinese interior engineering by adoption Tec style translucent acoustical ceiling system. This gives visitors a soft lighting atmosphere with wonderful acoustic environment.

The new museum:

The new museum is built in tune with the West Lake Exposition to accommodate increased visitors influx. The old museum had eight departments and two institutions. Each of the departments were further divided in to various sub departments to cater different branches of exhibitions such as marine products and species, plants, animals, insects, zoo, minerals, Dayao Mountain and more. It has been widely appreciated and lots of domestic visitors, students from school and universities and research organizations had paid regular visit as part of their academic interest and research activities. Seeing the growing importance the management decided to expand the museum and started constructing a new complex in the present location and moved majority of the exhibition items to the new location under a much improved environment.

The old museum started its operation in 1929 with the open support of Bo community. After the creation of new China, in 1953 the museum was renamed as Zhejiang Museum. Some of the important displays are the marine animal display, dinosaur display, plant display and paleontology display. Let us have a short brief about what we can see here.

Marine animal display:

Here it shows the various forms and origin  of marine life. Of course ocean is the citadel of life. The exhibition display a wide variety of marine fish, sea mammals, reptiles, the Chinese White Dolphins and the unique Chinese sturgeon. Also, you can see here protected sea animals, leather back, hawksbill etc.

Dinosaur display:

The display here tell us the evolution of dinosaurs and their new generations, the ecology systems. Of cause, you can see dinosaur fossils which are 22 meters long.

Paleontology display:

Here, it takes us to the various stages of human life evolution. We can go back to 150 million years of earth life and find the various stages of biological evolution. Various fossils provide convincing proof to believe the evolution process beyond any apprehension.

Plant display:

Another wonderful area of interest that will capture your attention is plant display exhibition. So many plants and their various progressions and their species shows the rare insight, how plants are also evolved in earth. The plants are divided in to edible, medicinal, timber and the green environment plants. You can see here the oldest plant as per the records shows – 292 years old!

Animal display:

Here the display focused on animal classification and the evolution of animal species. From the invisible protozoa to complex structured mammals are displayed here. You can see most of the life animals including those animals which falls under endangered category. 
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