Shijiazhuang Botanical Garden (Part 1)

11/29/2013 heimizhou Tours Shijiazhuang 3663

Shijiazhuang Botanical Garden was founded in 1998, whose total area reached 167 hectares, including water area of 38.7 hectares, after two phases of construction. This large-scale botanical garden looks magnificent. Drawn lessons from the advanced experience both at home and abroad on the overall design, the different zones of different height distinctly overlap each other, oozing charm with its strong era characteristics and its rich cultural connotation.

Shijiazhuang Botanical Garden-4.png

Botanical garden has 38 scenic spots, such as Bodeng Lake Area, Tropical Ornamental Hall, Bonsai Art Museum, Botany Science Museum, Begonia Waterfall Area, Petrifaction Forest Area, Rose Garden, the Eyot, Lotus and Duckweed and Fish Pond Area. 

Botanical Garden is divided into two parts: indoor exhibition area and outdoor exhibition area. Indoor exhibition hall is consists of three exhibition halls: an exquisite bonsai exhibition hall, a multiple exhibition hall and a school hall, which shows excellent works all over the country.

Firstly, let’s know something about Bonsai Art Museum which has a front yard and a back yard. Front yard is composed of an indoor exhibition area and an artificial lake area. The backyard gives priority to shows of the large quincuncial piles and natural trees which is also known as the plum blossom yard. The museum also held plum flower show in early spring every Chinese New Year.

Shijiazhuang Botanical Garden-1.png

Secondly, I will recommend to you The Tropical Ornamental Hall. It is divided into five main scenic areas respectively show the typical plant landscape under different climate. Have you heard about the amazing Dragon's Blood Tree that is 150 years old and about 5 meters high? It is the oldest tree on the earth which is of a very high ornamental value, economic value and scientific research significance. When you cut in the trunk with a knife, deep red sap will flow out. Hence, it gets the name - Dragon's Blood Tree or Longevity Tree. Chinese New Year, it also held a unique Spring Festival tulip show giving a special experience of Dutch style to the vast number of visitors.

Shijiazhuang Botanical Garden-2.png

At last, Desert Plants Pavilion is a must, too. It is divided into five parts: the Asia area, the American area, the African area, the Australian area and the planting box display area, which collects more than 600 kinds of psammophytes and meaty cactus plants from all over the world. The most precious African baobab in Madagascar is the rarest which has never been shown before. It was called "the living fossil of Africa and the evolution of the world”. In Africa, it can reach 12 meters in diameter that is hard for 40 people to make it a circle hand in hand, so some people also called it “Big Fat Tree”.

Besides the three exhibition spots, there are a lot of other great halls to see great , interesting and amazing plants, such as the Golden Ball with 75cm in diameter, the camellia, the golden tea and so on. In the indoor exhibition area, all the bonsais embody the characteristics of “seeing the big things through small ones”.

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