The Kingdom of Plants--Shijiazhuang Botanical Garden (Part 2 )

11/29/2013 heimizhou Tours Shijiazhuang 2670
As an ecological garden in the northwest of the city, Botanical Garden increases the amount of urban green space after the completion and gives full play to the function of "urban green lung". It has a good effect on air purification, water conservation and ecological environment improvement. Outdoor exhibition area has three scenic spots mainly to show large land plantings. In addition, teahouses, cafes, bars, stone pavilion and other leisure houses are surrounding the exhibition areas.

The first attraction is the Bodeng Lake which has a coastline of 15000 meters. On Bodeng Lake built 32 landscape bridges in 32 different styles which are divided into 15 special plant gardens. In the distance, you will see the Xiehong Bridge, around which a lot of red plants grow, answered the lake. And there is another bridge named Lancui Bridge around which a lot of green plants grow. But the biggest bridge is called Lingbo Bridge. All the bridges make up this special scenery around Bodeng Lake.

The second spot is the Tulip Garden. the main exhibition area is given priority to petal patterns, tulip patterns and flower stream, together with the forms of colorful stripes or fields. Besides the traditional tulip cultivation, they also plant tulips with hyacinths, tulips with daffodils. As for the aspects of color collocation, they tried to plant tulips of different colors together in addition to the monochrome planting so as to make different visual effects.

The third attraction is the Rose Garden which has three large buildings shaped like a tent. It is a place that can hold one thousand people to enjoy roses as well as performances. A performance stage is in the ellipse center of the oval square where many big performances or exhibitions were showed. On one side of the Rose Garden grow varieties of rosaceae flowers, such as roses and Chinese roses. In the meantime, there is a rose science promenade introducing the variety and common sense of roses. Every in May, the entire campus is full of colorful roses of blooming fully together with multicolor Chinese roses.

Another special spot I would tell you is the Century Clock made of sorts of flowers and plants. It represents the bright future and reminds people to cherish the time and life. In the bosom of the mountain is the Times Square where performances, parties, leisure and activities are held. On the east of the square lies the Children’s Amusement Park of which there are children’s favorite bumper cars, pirate ships, etc. It is a paradise for parents and children’s entertainments with a dining corridor.

These are just some typical spots of the outdoors exhibition areas since I cannot list them all here with such few words. But,as you can see from my experience and my introduction of the Shijiazhuang Botanical Garden, it is really a great multifunctional suburban green ecological garden. In addition to the areas or spots I described in the text, I am sure you will get other surprises if you go there with several friends sometime. Anyway, seeing is believing !
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