Revolutionary Red Trip to Xibaipo in Shijiazhuang

12/9/2013 heimizhou Sights Shijiazhuang 1789
This summer, I had visited Xibaipo Revolutionary Sites. Indeed, Xibaipo Village used to be really an ordinary village but now it is one of the famous five revolutionary sites in China, located in central part of Pingshan County, Hebei province. It is the old base in the anti-war period. The Xibaipo Memorial Hall in the south is one of the Hundred Patriotism Education Demonstration Bases. As a revolutionary site, it has significant political advantages. Besides, as it is aside Beijing, Tianjin and Shijiazhuang, tourism resources and location advantages are obvious as well. The leading industries of the whole town are tourism and green food processing industry.

As for the climate, since Xibaipo is located in the warm temperate zone and it is semi-arid continental monsoon climate with clear four seasons, it is cold and dry in winter and hot and rainy in summer but with the annual average temperature of 12.5 degrees Celsius, which makes it suitable for tourism.
With the development of tourism, more than 500 thousand visitors come here every year. Xibaipo Memorial Hall was firstly opened on May 26th in 1978 to celebrate the 30th year of the Party’s strategic immigration. Later it has been rebuilt with improvements for three times in large scale. The Large group of sculptures in the front hall named “the New China Come from Here” has reflected the vivid images of the famous leaders of the Party and the Liberation of Army. Most obvious are the five Secretaries’, namely Peng Dehuai, Lin Boqu, Dong Biwu, Deng Xiaoping and Liu Bocheng. These great men stand there in a row which seems like a giant wall or a huge mountain, grand and attractive.

What’s more, there are many old residents of the great leaders, such as Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Liu Shaoqi, Zhu De, Ren Bishi and so on. Zhou Enlai’s resident was a house made of mud and bricks and borrowed from the villager. It is a quadrangle with 12 rooms in total. A peer tree was growing in the middle of the yard, and some bamboo was planted in front of the office’s window. Nearly 20 cultural relics of Zhou Enlai were displayed as they were. The most precious is the double-used bookshelf which is made in Xibaipo and has always been used. When opened, it is a bookshelf. And it is just a box when closed. In addition, there is a desk with two drawers, a radio, a telephone, a sofa, etc.

The Town Party Committee and Government, taking the opportunity of tourism rapid development, has also built the Xibaipo Forest Park and planted 1.8 million ornamentals and various economic trees. There are 24 spots sites in the park, such as the Examination Yard, the Regression Yard, the Chinese Zodiac Garden and so on. In addition, it is really a good place for fishing, boating and vacations with fresh air, green lakes, sailing boats, and rippling birds. At the same time, a peony garden was built which covers an area of 300 mu and has more than 110 varieties of peony. In April and May every year when the peony is in full bloom, the Peony Festival will be held there.

So you can not only visit the old sites but also can feel the modern atmosphere at Xibaipo. I believe it will be absolutely a nice trip.
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