Minority Cities with Chinese Ethnic Culture

3/30/2014 Jenny Huang Other China 2803
There are fifty five ethnic minorities in China officially. The majority is Han Chinese. It has been found that the concentrations of ethnic people are mainly in western and southern China and also remote areas of Northern China. Since cities in China are heavily populated when compared to surrounding countryside, cities are generally referred to prefecture linked with city. Purest ethnic culture as well as minority attractions is commonly found in urban areas. The below given are the eight important minority cities that are selected for the huge range of minority representation and the best accessibility to travelers.


Lhasa is located in West China. The minority is mainly Tibetan. They have several important Tibetan festivals such as Shoton Festival in the month of August and Losar or Tibetan New Year in the month of March. This minority city is the main centre of the Tibetan culture due to the significant Potala Palace where Dalai Lama resided. Dalai Lama was once supreme authority of this minority group. There are many monasteries as well as temples that are very significant for the Tibetan Buddhists.


Kaili is located in the south eastern part of the Guizhou province in south China. The minorities in this area are Dond, Miao, and more. This is in fact China’s minority capital and is very much popular as big city of festivals. More than hundred festivals are celebrated here every year, particularly by Miao minority. The well known is certainly Sisters Meals Festivals. Most of the Miao villages in Kaili are open to people visiting China. One major feature with cultural significance in Kaili is Ethnic Minorities Museum.


Xishuangbanna is located in South China, specifically in Yunnan province. The minorities are Hani and Dai. This is the most rain forested city in China. The lush environment aids the Hani and Dai people a lot. Dai people make up nearly thirty percent of local population while Hani people counts to approximately twenty percent of local population. Many Dai minority attractions are there. The significant ones are Octagonal pavilion and Manting Park. The famous Water Splashing Festival is celebrated in month of April every year.


The location of Guilin is in Guangxi province in the south China. The key minorities are Miao, Zhuang, Dong and Yao. The KArst countryside of Guilin is China’s traditional home for largest Zhuang minorities for several decades. Many Yao minority districts are designated here. The main festivals held are Zhuang song festivals, Peach Blossom Festival, Red Clothes festivals, and more. These are conducted in month of April every year. The countryside of Yangshuo is mainly along famous cycling routes which are populated with famers in Zhuang minority.


Hohhot is located in Inner Mongolia in Northern China. The minorities are Hui, Mongol and Manchu. There are only thirteen percent minority people at Hohhot. But, it is recognized as a very accessible city possessing Mongol culture. Hohhot grasslands display nomadic pastoral Mongol lifestyle. Main sports festival named Naadam is very famous. It is held in July or August every year. Mongol food is much appreciated by tourists.
Visiting the minority cities brings a kaleidoscopic view of China, which are hidden within the society is really a treat to experience!

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