Travel Through Chinese History and Time

3/21/2014 Jenny Huang Sights China 2324

Unknown travel destinations open a plethora of vast surprises for the spirited travelers. It gives an opportunity to understand China in an unconventional style. Being one of the largely populated countries in the world, the communist regime, China is one of the friendliest communities in the world. People are trust worthy with good sense of humor and fun loving. The easy going attitude of the people is the plus point of Chinese tourism. You cannot find any cultural or linguistic or religious restrictions in any part of China. Chinese are hardworking, fashion conscious. The great civilization has lot of hidden treasure, they are still unexposed.

Exploring the possibilities to open a tour program through the heart of unknown destination and not so popular destination required some research in advance. Since the landscape is very large, lot of time will be consumed by the mobility arrangements.

Anyang, 3400 Years Heritage
Anyang is presently situated in Henan province considered to have a history of 3400 years. The city was known as Yin during emperor Pangeng of Shang Dynasty. This was the old capital city of China. Chinese Archeology department had did enviable works to link the old dynasty relics and placed at the Museum of Garden Yinxu. Visiting the museum would be one of the splendid experiences for visitors who are curious to know further deep on to Chinese history.

With available historical evidence, it is believed, the city was remained as capital during the ruling of 12 generation of emperors. Today the city look over the word with a complete recreation, the new city was recreated after 1365. With lot of archeological evidence it is confirmed that the city was destroyed due to war and fire. One of the main attractions is the Tomb of Fu Hao.

Jinxiu – A Magnificent City

Dayao Mountain also known as Jinxiu is part of Guangxi province. The great civilization of Yao people, which are about 160,000 are staying here. Until 1929 the mountain location was unknown to the world. They were leading an isolated life without having any outer world connection.

With rich history and beautiful mountain meadows this place is worth to visit. The Yao community is believed to be living in this mountain region more than 1000 years ago. Their cultural and living styles are quite different from the traditional Chinese style. The community is extreme friendly and easy get along folks make the tourist a comfortable destination. The experience gained from this land of wonders would be an everlasting one and that will prompt any visitors to pay repeated visit to this location.

Kaifeng – Old Capital of China

It is amusing to note that China had lot of old capitals. Every new dynasty created a new city to rule this beautiful country. Kiafeng was considered as the capital of China during Song Dynasty. The city has adored as the capital of China for 1000 years as per historical evidences. The city was referred by Marco Poly in his travel memories. The ethnic community ‘Hui’ is believed to be descended from Arabs and Persians.

The history of Kaifeng is supported with archeological evidences which are kept in the museum of Kaifeng. The museum has a fantastic show of ‘Cooking Museum’ where people can have a rare chance to understand the evolution of eating habits of Kaifeng people. With exciting experience, Kaifeng opens wonderful engagements to travel through history and time. China is always fascinating and exploring these beautiful locations adds something new to the visitors!
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