Spots along Beijing-Shanghai Express Railway

12/4/2013 kenziLiang Tours China 2334
The opening up of Beijing-Shanghai Express Railway shortens the journey from Beijing to Shanghai about 5 hours, and the entire express railway goes through Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Hebei, Shandong, Anhui and Jiangsu, and it also goes through many beautiful spots of these provinces that many tourists may be familiar to. The opening up of this express railway can bring a new style tourism up. Hear are the introduction of famous spots also this express railway.

Jinan West - Beautiful Memories of Laoshe

Laoshe used to describe Jinan’s winter in his writing, even now you can feel the charming of this city with mountain and water, of which the famous spots are Mount Qianfo, Mount Que, Huashan, Qinglong Mount and Wufeng Mount, etc, each mountain has its own fairy tales that fancied by many tourists.

Tianjin South - Thousand Year City

Perhaps many people have been to many spots in Tianjin, however, seldom people know the Qi County in the north Tianjin, it is the place that Tianjin citizens love to go in weekends, and it can date back to Chunqiu Period.

Suzhou North - The City of Beauty 

Heaven above and Suzhou & Hangzhou below, Suzhou is near to Shanghai with tender and soft water, slowly and continuously, you can reach Shanghai from here in about half hour, which was one hour before the express railway started to work.

Nanjing - The Cultural City 

The ancient city in Nanjing exchanges the modern civilization, south pure water communicates with winds in the north which is liberty and magnificent, the great writer Zhu Ziqing said that wandering around Nanjing is as if walking along the ancient boutique alley, everywhere is filled with traces of history, you can think, memory or wandering. The recommend spots are Qinghua River, Zhongshan Tomb, Confucian Temple, Zijin Mount and Xuanwu Lake. 

Wuxi East - Taihu Pearl

The rippling water in Taihu fills anima to this city, Lingshan District in Taihu owns its uniqueness, Lingshan Temple is the outdoor highest bronze Sakyamuni figure in the world; Donglin Academy, Nan Chan Temple and Qingming Bridge carry the ancient history.

Xuzhou East - Homet of the Emperor

There are too many beautiful cities in Jiangsu, that Xuzhou was almost forgotten by many people, and in fact, it is the hometown of many emperors for its location in zone of transition between north and south, businesses were settled here. Xuzhou is also the original place of Chinese cooking culture and Buddhism.

It contains various heritages of Chu & Han Period, you can appreciate the Pengzu Temple, Pengzu Tomb in Pengzu Heritage; Xuzhou Han civilization, Han Terra-Cotta Warriors, Water Terra-Cotta Warriors Museum are all available with rich cultures.

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