Jiuxi 18 Stream--a Thrilling Land Scape of Streams and Gorges

10/7/2014 Seven Sights Hangzhou 2861
Driving from West Lake towards Longjing direction, you will reach to the beautiful spot of Jiuxi 18 Stream after driving 10 kilometers. It is a combination of "Nine rivers & Eighteen gorges" and located at Longjing which is in the west of Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province. As its name suggests, there are streams in this place, surrounded by mountains with lush greeneries and drooping trees. The natural beautiful scenery makes this place one of the attractive tourist destination. The stream starts its journey from the Waxberry Ridge of the Wengjia Mountain and negotiates through nine creeks and finally joins with Qianjiang River. The creeks as well as streams are circuitous, on their journey sometimes visible, sometime invisible before they join with Qianjiang River. Because it is consisted of several streams and creeks, this place is called Jiuxi 18 Stream.

The nearest airport to Jiuxi 18 Stream is the Hangzhou Airport, which is 17 kilometer far from Jiuxi 18 Stream. Thanks to its convenient transportation, it is easy to take cab to Jiuxi 18 Stream from Hangzhou city. After 3 hours of trekking through the rough terrain and crossing temples and waterfalls, the route will take you straight to the top of a small mountain. Though it will take some time to reach the mountain, the view watched from here is very spectacular and it is definitely worth a visit.

At Longjing Village, while trekking to the mountain tourist can see lot of dwellings on both sides of the road. The air is seducing with the alluring smell of tea come from the near cottages. This is the traditional specialty of Longjing Village. Tourist will surprisingly note that nearly every house there is somebody holding a kettle tea and sitting in the courtyard to enjoy it. Some fried eatables or desserts are available them to taste with tea. In their kitchen, people would be busy in preparing for the pressurized tea. There would be enthusiastic tea farmers to invite you to have tea in their houses.

The place is extremely poetic and inspirational. There are many good poetic references about Jiuxi 18 Stream. Most of them are famous and even quoted by the modern people. The mountains, shrouded with thick fog, the springs, streams; waterfalls are quite exhilarating. All of them make you feel seem in wonderland and relax yourselves. This is what the mesmerizing influence of this beautiful landscape.

The mountains and the sides of road are full of tea plantations. You can see people are busy engaged in tea-picking everywhere. The climate is really fantastic throughout the year. You may experience minor drizzling but it takes no effect on your trip. You will really enjoy your trip to Jiuxi 18 Stream!
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