Hangzhou Songcheng – Phenomenal Cultural Theme Park

10/7/2014 Seven Sights Hangzhou 4687
Hangzhou Songcheng is the most popular cultural theme park in China. It is located at the capital of Zhejiang Province, the picturesque city, Hangzhou, and is near the West Lake scenic area. Songcheng has a long history that can be dated back to Song Dynasty and today the theme park is an important 4A tourist destination. The theme park is based on the main business philosophy of "Building is form, culture is soul". Tourists will have definite experience of visiting Songcheng Ancient Culture Performing Zone, Strange Street, High-Tech Experience Zone, Culture Square, the Song River and other various themes attractions. After nearly 20 years hard development, Songcheng has become a worldwide theme park that suitable for all the old and young people.

Whatever the retro shows or the multifarious activities performed in Songcheng will make you feel shock. These amazing art performances are fantastic and magnificent. Folk customs take you back to the grand Song Dynasty era and allow you to experience the richness of the culture. The acrobatic performances are beyond anybody’s imagination and add a new level of excitement to your tour. The ancient trade style and seventy two trade ancient workshops are recreated as an excellent representation of the old culture. Similarly the interactive show will help you to be an active participator and make you be immersed in the excited adventure. The performance that narrates the romance of the Song Dynasty is simply superb. People who have been to Songcheng all have a deep impression to the park.

The festivals have a great significance for the locals. It is a big deal for the local people to celebrate festivals. Tourists also can participate in the temple fair and offer prayer to Cai Shen, the God of Wealth in China, and seek his blessing to make more money in the future. It is a common believe that Cai Shen bring wealth and prosperity if you pray or hold a memorial service during the temple festival.

If you want to get married or look for your soul mate, here is a good place that you can visit. Pray to Yue Lao, a matchmaker God who can help to fulfill your wishes. The legend says Yue Lao ties a man and a woman who are destined to get married together tightly with a red ribbon on their ankles then the two people can get their good marriage. If you pray here for a good lover, your wish will be fulfilled in the shortest possible time. Miracle can happen, because it is a faith. Try your luck!

Buddha temples can be seen here and people who wish to spend some time wishing something or even want to participate in the prayers can go into the temples. Some of the old workshops are under renovation and some of the excellent works that finished renovation are opened to the public. The workshops includes, bean curd mill, wax printing shop, blacksmith’s shop, brewery house, root carving, stone inscription, facial make up for opera and dance functions and paper cut etc. In the period of temple festivals, sports events also will find its place and people always take an active part in. The oldest sport event Cuju is recreated here.

There are daily shows and performances conducted here throughout the year, uninterrupted. It is estimated that about two million tourists watch the cultural shows in a year. The theater is having a seating capacity of 3000 people in a single show. Entry to the park needs a fee of CNY 80 per head and entry fee for the show will be CNY 180 to 480. It is worthy visiting this beautiful theme park, where you can feel the ancient culture and enjoy the natural beauty.
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