Genhe Wetland of Inner Mongolia

10/21/2014 Young Sights Inner Mongolia 2536
Genhe Wetland as the first wetland in Asia is currently the best-preserved wetland with the largest area and in its original state in our country. Genhe Wetland in Erguna valley is said to be the largest wetland in Asia. The Gen river that was very irregular was like one green ribbon floating gracefully on the wetland. As the story goes, the wetland is the beautiful wetland valley in China.

The crystalline Gen River flowed out forward steadily and quietly. The submerged meadow was surrounded by the zigzag waters. The shore is usually overgrown with shrubs or small trees, which are absolutely one beautifully green of small forest. The grass and the flowers waved in the wind. The groves of birch trees among the mountains stretched away for hundreds of miles. This is perhaps one pure land that is as far as the moon and in perfect harmony with nature. It's also a sacred place that was once stirring and seething yet to silence returnees.

Genhe Wetland preserve covers an area of 126,000 hectares, now as the natural preservation zone at the level of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. There's the especially extensive alluvial plain in Genhe Wetland. Genhe Wetland tourist area covers an area of about three square kilometers. The area is very gentle and spacious. The Gen River as a stream tributary to Erguna River wanders through the place, which had constituted the splendid and rarely beautiful river wetland landscape.

Gen River like the silver jade belt wound its way through the wide stretches of flat and open prairie. Several Oxbow lakes are framed like ropes of gorgeous stones in its setting of green grassland because of the straightening of river channels. The color of the river, lake and vegetation changed with the four seasons. The landscape had the wonder for the expert designer that as hard to define as it is easy to enjoy.

The natural scenery had the inordinately beauty to cover for your eyes. It is said that Genhe Wetland had covered almost all types of natural ecosystems in Erguna except the primitive forest. The species richness and species diversity in Genhe Wetland are quite obvious. In times of drought, because of the steady hydrological information and sufficient wetland, the place had become very important shelter for many different kinds of birds.

The place is the bottleneck of the migratory pathway of the worldwide birds from East Asia to Australia. The birds that migrated, stopped, lived and multiplied here every year had reached twenty million. It's one of the most important breeding grounds for the sacred cranes in the world. The water of Gen River wandered through the dense green vegetation, left that beautiful and restrained section on Erguna Valley.

The uphill on the sides of the wetland valley had the large stretches of ornamental plantation. The city is close at hand, which had formed the absolute harmony between man and nature. The prospect with the serene mountains and plains from the city was truly breathtaking. 
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