The Beauty of Dali Lake

10/13/2014 Young Sights Inner Mongolia 1721
Dali Lake is the lake as beautiful as a sea, located in the southwestern Chifeng City in Inner Mongolia. The lake itself has dimensions of roughly 23,800 hectares. Dali Lake is one of the most famous lakes in Inner Mongolia and the largest lake of Chifeng City in Inner Mongolia. There're two lakes at the eastern and western shores of the lake. These two lakes always rely on one another. The lake is prolific in the production of Paradise fish of China, crucian carp and many others that are noted for their delicious and nutritious meat.

When summer rolls round, over 100 kinds of waterfowls like the sacred cranes, white-naped cranes, white cranes, swans, swan geese, herring gulls and terns would come to the Lake District and breed round the lake, which could cast the vigor and vitality over the beauty spot. It is no exaggeration to say that it's a worthy paradise of hundred birds.

On the northwest of Dali Lake are the venerable ruins of the last capital city during the Yuan dynasty. There's Mantuo mountain on the southern shore of that lake while Pingding mountain on its northern shore. Dali lake is the comprehensive national-level nature reserve that mainly engaged in protecting the rare and precious birds as well as various ecological systems which the lake, wetland, grassland, sandy area and forested land might depend for survival.

It had been listed as the Asia's important wetland. There's complex and varied ecological systems like plateau platform vegetation, lacustrine plain steppe vegetation, low wetland vegetation and sandy woodland grassland vegetation. Dali lake is the core of the nature reserve, the water surface accounts for about 240 square kilometers, about 1.6 billion cubic meters of water, the water of about 10 to 13 meters in depth.

Dali Lake belongs to the brackish water lake. Since that Dali Lake is situated on the Inner Mongolian Plateau, the signs of human habitation are sparse around the lake, with the spacious and smooth surface of the lake. The meadow and wetland are quite well equipped, which could be regarded as the paradise of birds and the important passage along which birds customarily migrate in northern China.

During the spring and autumn every year, the place had the largest number of birds. From late April to the early May, the snow and ice melt; the green grass begins to grow. The migrating birds fly together in great numbers from the South and inhabit the lake. The whole surface of the lake had the pretty birds singing that conveys an exciting and bustling atmosphere.

Yet the migrating birds had the southward migration in succession between late September and early October. When visitors come back again, what they could see are mostly the white swans and wild geese. Especially the white swans are increasingly growing in number in recent years. The swans flew from the lake, resembled the snowflakes fluttering on the bright and clear days. That is why Dali Lake also gets the reputation of being the Swan Lake.
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