Scenic Mount Piyun of Zhejiang

10/7/2014 Young Sights Zhejiang 1738
Piyun Mountain is situated Longquan City in Zhejiang Province that is the juncture of Zhejiang, Fujian and Jiangxi province. Mount Piyun is the famous mountain and central area of Xianxialing Mountains, with the altitude of 1,680 meters. It was given that name because it was quite unusual for it not to be clothed with clouds all the year around.

Mount Piyun with very abundant natural sceneries and human landscapes is the source of the three rivers like the bonnily Ou River, the Minjiang River and Qiantang River. With overlapping cragged peaks, peculiar pieces of stone, superb natural scenery in the mountains, the view of Piyun Mountain is wonderful and really spectacular. Meanwhile, Piyun Mountain is also the cradle of the Chuzhou's revolution.

There're picturesque cragged peaks, the wooded landscape, marvelous flowers and rare plants all over the hills, a forest of grotesque rocks, which had received great praise from people. Two peaks like Piqu peak and Shengquan peak are vulgarly referred to as the twins peaks. There's one holy stream in the Shengquan peak. The one who sees is all marvel at the spring where is mostly thick growth of sheltered weeds.

The deep and crystal-clear water of the spring just looks emerald green, contrasting sharply and to each other's advantage with the surrounding green mountains. No one could know for sure how deep is the mouth of spring, perennial and non-overflowing, remaining stable and inherent water levels. There's one temple known as Huang temple at the foot of Piyun Mountain. The wooden temple that is newly built in recent years mainly worshiped Sakyamuni and the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy.

There's Huang grave behind the Huang temple with a history of 1,125 years, which is composed of the burial rooms and graveyard. The famous Tianshi temple is the cradle of Taoist in Zhejiang Province and Zhejiang-Fujian-Jiangxi Border Region. There's the status of Zhang Tianshi who is the founder of Taoism within the temple, which was dedicated to the memory of Zhang Tianshi who once benefited the masses in folklore.

Many travelers and pilgrims in an unending parade had come here for sightseeing and burning incense. Below to the left of Xiantan was the wonder of a stone coffin, strikingly majestic. There're the charming stories and folktales about the stone coffin. Walking about 10,000 meters along the high ridge of Xiantan Mountain, nothing met your eyes but the picturesque rocks all over the hill, arranged and spread out in a crisscross pattern, which is nothing less than the corridor of strange stones more than a millennium.

The strange rocks with the mottled green moss could also display the tints of hues, with the alterations of sunshine and rain in the dark twilight and the changes of morning mist and the evening haze. The daedal hand of nature is really superb. Within the scenic beauty of various wild fauna and flora, almost everywhere, there is primordial scenery, it's really pure land faraway from the noisy city, for the recreation and appreciation of the nature.
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