Rarely Beautiful Mount Fugai

9/18/2014 Young Sights Zhejiang 2085
Fugai Mountain in Jiangshan city of Zhejiang Province as the boundary mountain between the two provinces of Fujian and Zhejiang, is also the offshoot of Wuyi Xianxia mountain. Visitors could randomly choose the landing place into the mountain from the border of Fujian and Zhejiang provinces, with the altitude of 1,146 meters above sea level and the total area of 14.4 square kilometers.

The silver-grey extensive stone differs from the system of rocks in Jianglang Mountain, which belonged to the sintering tuffaceous. In the beauty spot, the insensate stones in all their varied shapes and sizes are scattered like stars in the sky. The summit of the mountain is accumulated by the huge rocks. Fugai Mountain had long known as the combination of the rocks on earth. Fugai is just referred to as the honeycomb pattern of floating caves, which the fresh face of tourist attraction in East China area.

Fugai Mountain had its beginnings in the foothill of Fugai Mountain at the Mount Jianglang nationally famous key scenic spot from the Western Part of Zhejiang Province. Yet the ancients used the most primitive method to build the ancient track more than a millennium that linked with Zhejiang, Fujian and Jiangxi. The old Fengling pass which was once referred to as one of the ten famous passes in China.

The most distinctive features of Fugai Mountain are the picturesque cragged peaks and grotesque rocks. Standing at the foot of the mountain for ten miles around, visitors could see the Shiren Peak from afar resembled one aged fairy man who was sitting upright and keeping on the frontier of the three provinces. A path now winds its way up the mountain to the very summit, passing on its way green pine-clad slopes. These hilly rocks could take on the different appearances in the eyes of visitors because of the shifting viewpoints.

The travelers were beguiled by the beauty of the stunning landscape. Especially the green pine and bamboo groves on the mountain slopes, those very huge strange-looking rocks are all very differently shaped, some looked like crouching tiger, some were like a ball and some were like the clock in different postures. The exceedingly strange rocks in many shapes and sizes have an appealing feature.

Tier upon tier of rocks of all sizes and sorts clung to one another for support, which also had formed the winding and dimming caves. Despite the fact that it doesn't poss the limestone caves with deep and secluded features, visitors could edge his way into the cave without the lamps, and could fully experience a flicker of interest during the trip to the cave. The hill body of Fugai Mountain is composed of the ancient granite.

Over the long course of geological history, because of the various effects of supernatural power, Fugai Mountain formed the rare and unique landscape including the picturesque cragged peak thrusting itself towards the sky and grotesque rocks all over the slope. By setting off the green and luxuriant pines and bamboos, it had created the picturesque landscape by nature on the frontier of Fujian and Zhejiang. 
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