Feicui Island - Half Desert and Half Forests

9/29/2014 sonrisabai Tours Qinghuangdao 2127
Feicui Island is located in Changli county of Qinhuangdao City, with an area of 7 square kilometers, and three sides surrounded by the Bohai sea and seven-mile sea. Feicui means emerald in English, the island is just like a beautiful emerald deep in the sea. Rumors has it that looking down the isalnd from the above, the sea water would reflect the shining jade green color, just like an emerald. It is also among the 7 national ocean natural reserve zone lists.

About the seven-mile sea, there is an interesting folk story. Once upon a time, back to the age when seven-mile was still a closed lake. People besides the lake lived a happy life tilll one day, an evil dragon in the lake want to take over the place and ease away all the people in the villlage. People started running for their life only one brave guy stayed. He had a big fight with the eveil dragon and finally won. Then he turned into a unicorn and he used his corn digging a hole connecting the Bohai sea and seven-mile sea. Life was back to peace but the brave young man died. Since then, people began to name the spot as the New Opening.

More than 68 kind birds are inhabit on the island, some are national precious kind. For those birds lovers, this could be the perfect spot to watch birds and enjoy the beauty of nature . There are so much sceneries on the island, the soft dessert is really something to look at. Rolling sand hills with really nice gold color is everywhere, the highest spot of whichis around 44 meters. Standing on top of the sand hill and looking at the green trees with bird flying and chirping, white clouds and blue sky above, if there isn’t a land of joy, I don’t where it is.

Feicui Island has enjoyed a good reputation for its soft and smooth sand. It would be crazy if you don’t take a nice walk in the sand with bare feet. As the growing business of the tourism, you can have more fun with sand now. It is the Sand Sliding. You would sit on a skateboard from the mountain top, with both hands on the edge of the board, feet touching the board front, body slightly leaning then slide down. Then it’s getting faster and faster, your adrenaline might rise up a little but it’s an awesome feeling for sure.

Want to experience some tradtional Chinese therapy? You got it. They have sand therapy with various trational Chinese herbs like rhizoma Gastrodiae in it. The therapist would spray them on a ceratin hurting spot then apply soft sand on it, by doing this, the blood circulation gets better. It works great for lower back pain, neck pain and other pain caused by arthritis. I take a shot on my knees, after the therapy, they do feel better.
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