Yishui Underground Gallery

3/28/2014 sonrisabai Sights Linyi 1828
Yishui underground gallery is located in the foothills of Nine Lotus mountain area of Liyin city, Shandong province. Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists come here to admire its amazing karstic underground spectacle. According to the geologists research, its formation can trace back to a million years ago. There are numerous stalactite and stalagmites inside the cave, each one has its special shape and trait.

Halfway on the mountain, we saw a huge waterwheel then a big pile of rocks came into sight. The rock was carved with six red bold characters,”Natural Underground Gallery'! Here I come! The entrance wasn't as big as I thought it would be, it's just a small cave looking from outside. When I got inside the cave, I was completely in awe by the wonder of the nature. Water streams was flowing with joyful sound with colorful lights decorating ing on the rock, I felt like I was somewhere in a mysterious underground palace that's full of mysteries and adventure.

Time for the most exciting part-drifting! I've heard drifting was very interesting and entertaining before. Drifting in underground cave would be even better. It took quite a while for my turn, I couldn't wait to jump on the kayak. It rushed out like an arrow. The stream flew rapidly at some turns, it became slow which made me more nervous, not knowing what was ahead of me. The water splash was so big that my clothes were almost all wet. I was grasping the handles tightly. I felt like I was in a expedition team that was on a mission, somewhere at the end of the stream, there was a treasure or something like that. Maybe I watched too many Hollywood adventure movies, haha!

Then I came to a spot called, there’s a heartbreaking chinese folks love story behind it. According to the legend, there was a snake girl falling in love with a guy a long time ago. But they were separated by an super evil monk trying to separate them by hiding the guy in his temple. Snake girl tried to use her magic power to flood the temple and save her lover. Sadly, she failed.The evil monk imprisoned snake girl under the Leifeng pagoda for decades to keep them stop seeing each other. I could almost see the sad face on the rock, so vivid and lifelike.

Next spot was called Great Turtles Patrol. So many rocks in turtle shape! seemed like it’s going somewhere with head up high. Turtle had long been regarded as a symbol of longevity in china, many tourists took pictures with the those rock turtles, hoping they could have a long and prosper life.

My favorite rock of them all was the Dragon in the Ocean. The rock looked a lot like a dragon swimming in the ocean, with its bolding face, nothing to fear. That's about the right attitude towards life. Be a brave dragon and fear nothing.
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