Top Six Most Beautiful Ancient Towns and Villages in China Part-2

9/16/2015 Selina Ou Sights China 3473

4.Zhaoxing Dong Village in Guizhou Province 

Zhaoxing Dong Village is located in southeast of Liping County, Qiandongnan Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Guizhou Province. It is one of the largest Dong villages in China. What attract people most in Zhaoxing Dong Village is the perfect combination of the primitive Dong village and the elegant natural scenery, as well as the unique Dong culture and customs.

The village was constructed in flat ground with mountains around and river flowing through. Local residences in Zhaoxing are all stilted housed built with wood. When visiting Zhaoxing Dong Village you will find there are many antique drum towers, which are symbols of auspicious in Dong culture. Also there are several ancient wind-rain bridges in the village. Dong people are quite good at singing and dancing. Also they have very special holidays and events of their ethnic group.



5.Wuyuan in Jiangxi Province

For tourists traveling to China in spring would never miss out Wuyuan because of its spectacular of rapeseed flowers. Wuyuan is located in northeast of Jiangxi Province, not far away from the world-famous Mount Huang in Anhui Province. Reputed as “the most beautiful village in China”, Wuyuan is home to many ancient well-preserved villages from Ming and Qing dynasties. As a famous cultural and ecological tourist county in China, Wuyuan attract numerous tourists every year for its fantastic natural scenery, beautiful ancient architectures and unique local culture. 

In the ancient villages in Wuyuan, you will see ancient Ming and Qing dynasties buildings with white walls and gray tiles in the classic Hui-style. Also there are many ancient bridges, stone-flagged lanes, clear rivers, and the quaint rural landscapes and life. Wuyuan has the most beautiful season in spring when rapeseed flowers in bloom. There are about 50 ancient small villages in Wuyuan, and some of the most famous ones include Xiaoqi Village, Likeng Village, Jiangwan Village and Wangkou Village.

Wuyuan-in -Jiangxi-Province1.jpg

Wuyuan-in -Jiangxi-Province2.jpg

6.Dayan Ancient Town in Lijiang Old City, Yunnan Province

Dayan Ancient Town, usually referred to Lijiang Old City, is one of the three ancient towns in Lijiang. It is located in the middle of Lijiang. It was designated as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The history of Lijiang Old City can be dated back to more than 1,000 years and it used to be a busy trade confluence on the Ancient Tea Horse Road. Now the Lijiang Old City attracts numerous tourists and enjoys world-wide reputation for its beautiful scenery, ancient architectures, distinctive local culture and customs.

Surrounded by mountains, Lijiang Old City has very beautiful and peaceful scenery. Lijiang is much more charming with its ancient architectures and old streets paved with stones, and also the orderly arranged waterways and bridges. But what’s really distinguishes Lijiang is the distinct culture and customs of local Naxi people. Most Naxi people still keep their traditional lifestyle and dress in their beautiful costumes. The Naxi music concert played with centuries old musical instruments is something should not miss out.




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