Nanjing Confucius Temple

12/26/2013 chloe Sights Nanjing 2065
The year of the horse is approaching! Have you thought about taking a culturally exhilarating temple tour with your beloved family during the winter vacation? Since praying in temple is considered as a tradition in China, it may make your year of the horse lucky.

The Confucius Temple in Nanjing, also known as the “Forty Best Scenery Spots”, is standing on the bank of flowing Qinhuai River since Song Dynasty. With a long history of nearly 1000 years, the Confucius Temple has undergone several serious destructions due to warfare and governmental restorations. In Nanjing’s history, the most terrible destruction of the temple happened in 1937, when Japanese aggressors invaded Nanjing and burnt it into ruin. Later people realized the significance of Confucius temple in Chinese culture and rebuilt it in 1984. Since then, Confucius Temple regained its popularity and developed into a prosperous tourist spot.

Present-day Confucius Temple is a complex building with three main parts, the Confucius Temple, the Jiangnan Gongyuan and the Xue Gong. It features the unique architectural style of Ming and Qing Dynasty, which is favored by numerous foreign tourists from all over the world. Originally, the Confucius Temple is constructed to commemorate Confucius, the prestigious philosopher and educator of ancient China. Confucius’s philosophy focuses on sincerity, justice, modest and so on, which attracts a lot of followers in Qin Dynasty. After the collapse Qin, Confucius’s concert is confirmed and used by official sanction. Then, it successfully developed into a system called “Confucianism”.

Up to now, Confucianism is still widely admired by both domestic and foreign scholars. To consecrate Confucius, Nanjing Confucius Temple was rebuilt and restored several times by local government. Unlike most temples in China, Confucius Temple is typically built to worship the spirits of Confucius, but not the statues. So some people even suggest that statues of Confucius should not be concluded in the temple. Instead, the content of his philosophy and related pictures are advocated to illustrate in it.

When you entre the hall, a huge figure of Confucius in China will firstly come into you sight. If you want to know more about the whole life Confucius, the charming panels made of jade, gold and silver will detail the related stories of Confucius to you. And outside the hall, there stand the grand bronze statue of Confucius and the marble statues of eight followers, which usually leave a deep impression to the tourists. While visiting the Confucius temple, the Jiangnan Gongyuan is another highlight that will certainly not let you down. With three floors, Jiangnan Gongyuan is recognized as the biggest examination school in China. And in ancient China, lots of candidates came and took their examinations here. Do you want to have a try? Similar exams are offered in the special museum near Jiangnan Gongyuan, providing tourists a chance to experience the fun and sorrows of ancient candidates.

Classical lifestyle as well as snacks has always added some mysteries to tourists` trip. The yummy snack bars, restaurants and cafes can all be commonly found around the temple. Interestingly, they feature old-time architectural style of Ming and Qing Dynasty. Snacks here have a variety of famous favours, so that every tourist can find their satisfied taste.
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