2015 Top Recommended China Tourist Destinations

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Which popular travel route will be the top China Tourist Destinations in 2015, we collect many feedback and suggestion from our guide and Some tourist in 2014, Here, we forecast Top Recommended China Tourist Destinations in 2015 year, you can see top 10 China Tours Sold in 2014. Based on past experience, our best-selling tours packages is a week-long Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai and Hong Kong China Essence Tour, perfect for a first time trip to China.

As you know, China is an old country with 5,000 years of civilization/history,also is a large tourist country, there have many boast numerous attractions, historical sites: beijing and xi'an, cultural sites: shanghai, shenzhen, guangdong, From the overwhelming Forbidden City and world-renowned Great Wall in Beijing, impressive Terracotta Warriors and Horses in Xian, Drepung Monastery in Lhasa, prosperous Bund in metropolitan Shanghai, majestic Yangtze River, to captivating water-town in Suzhou, Hong Kong Disneyland, ancient Lijiang Old Town and mysterious Tibet. Such top attractions in China are all what you can not miss in a fantastic Browse the following popular China tourist attractions and click for information.- See more at: http://www.chinatouradvisors.com/chinatour/

Here are 5 destinations we predict will be particularly popular in 2015: 

Great Wall of China in Beijing - Historical Sites

Beijing is referred to as China’s top city for tourism in many pass years, and the Great Wall of China is the greatest attraction in internationally, here,we recommend some popular tourist route about Great Wall, you can enjoy fresh air, exercise, and world-class sightseeing at once.

Our Beijing tours provide tried and enjoyed trekking experiences on the Great Wall. They can be easily combined with our Beijing tours. Maybe take advantage of Beijing Highlights 5 Days Tour options, in order to understand and find beijing historical city.

The Bund in Shanghai  — Most modern city

Shanghai is one of China's most famous cities, it offere a souring skyline, and the cream of China's modern marvels. The Bund destinations is one of the symbols of Shanghai which located along the Huangpu River. It usually refers to the buildings and wharves on this section of the road.

Our cities tours pages: Shanghai Tours packages will show you the best tried-and-tested ways to explore shanghai city and the Bund, Maybe take advantage of Shanghai Jewish Culture Half Day Tour options, in order to understand and find Shanghai most famous city.

Terracotta Warriors (Xi'an) - China's ancient capital

Xi'an city is the ancient city, and which is considered the cradle of Chinese civilization, if you want to touch the amazing ancient Chinese glorious history and brilliant culture, Xi'an Tours is top Things to Do.

Terra cotta Warriors

Alternatively, Our cities tours pages: Xi'an Tours packages will show you the best tried-and-tested ways to explore xi'an city and Terracotta Warriors, Maybe take advantage of Xian One Day Tour of Terra-Cotta Warriors options, in order to understand and find xi'an most ancient city.

Lhasa in Tibet - Land Closest to Heaven

Tibet is one of the most fascinating destinations in China and for many tourists visiting, Lhasa is the capital city of Tibet Autonomous Region. In Tibetan language the name means "the land of the gods". It is a holy religious place with an altitude at about 3,000 meters

Ganden Monastery

China Tour Advisors' Lhasa tours will take you to see the best of Lhasa. With more than 10 years experience in customizing Tibet tours. To make your travels to Tibet all that more convenient our new Tibet Travel page can provide you with all the information and answers to your questions about travelling to Tibet!

Chengdu is a popular gateway to Tibet. It has more flights to Lhasa that anywhere else, but if you don't want to go all the way to the Tibetan plateau, Jiuzhaigou has Tibetan villages and stunning mountain and lake scenery.

Guilin - The most beautiful place in china

Guilin is a first tourist destination when traveling to China, it is a true tourist city With its unique natural landscape featured by green mountains, crystal-clear rivers, bewitching caves, and fascinating rocks, Guilin has many natural wonders to enjoy and explore.

Yulong River Village

We believe there is no better choice than china tour advisors if you need Guilin tours packages, we supply the best flexible, authentic, and great value guilin tours.

More China tourist attractions in 2015 and 2016, if you need more travel information can be found in our China Travel Guide page, Contact us for more details. We hope to see you in 2016!


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