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Located on the bank of the gorgeous Shenzhen Bay, Splendid China is a lively, rich, and comprehensive miniature scenery park which vividly depicts the history, culture, ancient architecture and the art and folk customs of ethnic groups in China. Occupying an area of 30 hectares, the whole park can be divided into two parts: Scenic Spot Area and Comprehensive Service Area. In the Scenic Spot Area, more than 100 major Chinese tourist attractions have been miniaturized on a scale of 1:15 and distributed according to their exact geographical location on a map of China. In Splendid China, you may taste the distinctive flavors from a variety of parts of China. Here you will find an excellent selection of souvenirs. You have a good assortment of handicrafts and local specialties to choose from. All in all, this attraction is worthy of your visit. For those who are Chinese culture enthusiasts a visit will give a further understanding of China. Whatever your interests, Splendid China will not disappoint you

China Folk Culture Village

Is a large-scale cultural tourist resort in Shenzhen and is the first of its kind to gather together China's diverse ethnic folk art, customs and architectural styles together in one place. Covering an area of over 200, 000 km², it displays 25 villages displaying the characteristics of 22 of China's many ethnic groups. The village is renowned as a centre of excellence for its preservation of Chinese folk customs. Visitors can seethe Disneyfied versions of Yunnan Stone Forest, Towering age-old banyans from Nanbin, the memorial stone archways of Huizhou and the laser folk music fountain, to name just a few examples. In the village, you will see the distinctive architecture of ethnic groups and join their brilliant festivals. Buying some handicrafts or tasting local snacks is another way to experience the China Folk Culture Village.

Address: Nanshan District

Opening &Closing time:

09:00 to 18:00

Admission fee:

Knight Valley
Ticket Types One-Day Ticket (Walk in rate) Two-Day Ticke
Adult RMB150 -
Child (height 1.2-1.5M) RMB75 -
Senior (65-69 years old) RMB75 -
Free admission for child less than 1.2M and senior above 70 years old


By Buses: 423,209,223,204,301,101

By Subway: Take Shenzhen Subway Line 1 and get off at "Huaqiaocheng" (Overseas Chinese Town) station

Individual Service

01 Transfer Service 7 seats coach transfer:
01.City area- Splendid China & China Folk Culture Village

RMB 300 /coach/way >>Book

02.Shenzhen airport- Splendid China &China Folk Culture Village

RMB 350 /coach/way >>Book