Niujie Muslim Supermarket

Beijing Niujie Muslim Supermarket is the biggest food and commodity store catering to Muslims in China today. It is a comprehensive supermarket combining Muslim main and by-products. The supermarket has three business floors with a construction area of 2,400 square meters.

The underground floor sells beef, fresh food, drinks, snack food, staple food and cooking ingredients. In the north of the floor on the ground, there are daily necessities and folk customs products for Muslims sold. In the south of the floor, there are cakes and traditional snacks to be found. Not only traditional Muslim flavored snacks, but also Beijing local flavors are sold at this area, including rice cakes, jujube, rice dumplings, etc.

In the second floor on the ground is the Niujie Food City of the Niujie Muslim Supermarket which has an area of 1,400 square meters with more than 300 dining seats. At this floor, a wide range of traditional Beijing Muslim snacks and northwestern Muslim snacks are to be tasted. These special and unique flavored snacks at this area are very popular.

As the Niujie Muslim Supermarket is located in the Muslim Niujie area, the supermarket faces the famous Niujie Mosque. It is quite convenient to get to the market for Muslim shopping and taste Muslim flavored snacks. Thus shopping at this Muslim supermarket has become an indispensible part of a Halal tour when in Beijing.

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