Zhuyuwan Scenic Spot in Yangzhou

9/18/2014 Young Sights Jiangsu 1522
The bouring area of Zhuyuwan Scenic Spot is one of China's best bouring famous scenic spot for green health. It is also the national AAA grade of the tourist zone. Zhuyuwan Scenic Spot in Yangzhou city with the area of about 50 hectares, which faces the ancient Grand Canal on the east and the Grand Canal on the west, Shaobo Lake on the north and Jiangdu water conservancy project on the south.

Zhuyuwan Scenic Spot is the animals and plants garden in the peninsula and ecological type that has gathered together natural and cultural sights, flower plants, animals cattery breeding and performance, modern amusement merging into one organic whole, and displays a simple and unsophisticated flavor of man and nature in harmonious coexistence.

Upon passing through the main gate of the scenic spot, the first thing that catches the eye is one zigzag bridge shaped like tree stump by the riverbank of the ancient Grand Canal. The bridge scatters itself along several hundred yards of riverfront. The bridge is shapely figured, with the simple and ancient zest. When summer finally does arrive, the pool covered all over by the lotus leaves, with sweet perfumes diffused all around and the dazzling flower with luminous colors, it is a place of great scenic beauty.

The winding path would take you through more evergreens, along a murmuring stream fringed by flowering shrubs, and then onto a zigzag bridge over a pond teeming with several thousands of Japanese koi fishes and some other pet fishes. The streams meander for miles, with wooded hills mirrored in the clear water, which is such one bewitchingly beautiful scene. Walking through the winding bridge and you reached the interesting garden of the ecological waterfowl lake, being carefree and light.

The black or white swans in the lake field with their heads held high, swimming about in the water; the paired mandarin ducks were talking in whispers fondly, as though they had a lot to chat about. Some quiet and delicate wild geese were prowling about over there; other strapping and proud-mannered wild geese were engaged in flying to and fro, carrying twigs or grass in their bills to build their warm nests. Zhuyuwan Scenic Spot is famed for its dogwood, which got its name because it widely planted the dogwood for a long time.

The dogwood is the valuable herbs and good medicinal material of traditional Chinese, including the dogwood blossoms and Evodia Rataecrpa. Each year in February the dogwood blossoms forth before sprouting leaves, and finally bear fruit during the winter. Upon entering into the peony garden, you would go into the osmanthus garden that is composed of the crazy pavement, Osmanthus pavilion, golden sweet osmanthus and orange osmanthus.

The sweet osmanthus whose entangled foliage and intertwined roots provide a suitable resting place for visitors, being green all the year round and fragrant with flowers. And you then sailed further south along the Ziwei garden to the plum blossoms mountain where widely planted on dozens of plum-flower species.
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