Zhangjiajie Travel Tips

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It is well known that if you want to see the most beautiful water scenery of China, you should go to Jiuzhaigou Valley, while to see the most beautiful mountain scenery of China, Zhangjiajie is the best choice! 

What to do in Zhangjiajie:

Climb the world’s highest cave: Tianmenshan (Tianmen Mountian)
Tianmen Cave is the upper part of Tianmen Mountain, and is the world’s highest natural cave through the mountain, at an altitude of 1300 meters and its height 131.5 meters, width 57 meters, and 60 meters deep. There are 999 stone staircases leading to the cave.
Tianmen Mountain Ticket price: 258 yuan
Mountain cable fare: one-way 23 yuan, round trip 39 yuan

Tianmen Cave

Take the world's fastest elevator: Bailong Ladder
Bailong Ladder is regarded as the “world’s tallest, fastest and largest load elevator” and therefore is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. The magnificent Bailong Ladder has the vertical elevation of 335 meters, running for 326 meters, of which 154 meters mountain wells and 172 meters mountain steel derrick and other components. It was an exposed outdoor sightseeing elevator, using three double-layer exposure sightseeing elevator separated operation, with the capacity of 50 persons each time.
Tickets: 56 yuan.

Bailong Ladder

See the world’s beautiful Diaojiaolou: Tujia Old Courtyard (Tian Old Courtyard)
It is one of the places worthy of visiting in Zhangjiajie City, dating back to over three hundred years of history, in a courtyard sealing wall Tujia building style, and is also regards as the living fossil of Tujia building.


Zhangjiajie Special recommended:
1 It is well known that the grand viewing deck(大观台) is the best location to see the sunrise, if lucky enough, you can see the sea of clouds and rainbow.
2 Walking on the glass plank road is a must-do in Tianmen Mountain, and you will have an unforgetful cliff ultimate experience.

The best time to travel Zhangjiajie:
Spring and Autumn.
Spring time recommend: Golden Whip Stream (Jin Bianxi), Shilihualang, Huanglong Cave, Baofeng Lake
Autumn time recommend: Tianzishan(Tianzi Mountain), Yuanjiajie, West Sea, Fengqi Hill

Local culture:
There are many ethnic minorities in Zhangjiajie, accounting for 69% of the total population, mainly Tujia, Bai, Miao, etc, therefore, rich of ethnic customs, including the local dance, wedding customs, and wushu, as well as the festivals such as Bai ethnic Torch Festival, Tujia three New Year, Tujia June 6 of the traditional Chinese calendar. 
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