Mount Maxian Scenic Spot in Gansu

10/31/2014 Young Sights Gansu 2006
The northwest-southeast Mount Maxian Scenic Spot is on the south side of Xinglong Mountain, with an area of about 398 hectares and the highest elevation of 3,670 meters. The top of the mountain is like a stretch of level and open plain, with the high mountain frigid zone frozen ground landform as the main landscape feature, the lofty terrain and extreme cold weather conditions, which could make the landform scenery of Mount Maxian being in striking contrast with Xinglong Mountain.

The landscape scene in Mount Maxian Scenic Spot is very fantastic, both the frozen hills and ancient periglacial ruins, which could make it become the strategic point for making observations of glaciology and cryopedology landforms. The vegetation and climate of Mount Maxian had the patently obvious vertical distribution including the primitive forest and alpine meadow.

During the height of the summer every year, you could view the top of the mountains covered in snow, a hundred flowers contending in beauty halfway up the hill and wonderful landscape of the green rippling wave down the mountain. Mount Maxian Scenic Spot is characterized by more than longevity and splendid culture. There're popular legends in its praise left behind by famous writers and painters through the ages.

Mount Maxian is the highest peak of the loess tableland in the eastern part of Gansu Province, and making a barrier in the northern part of Linzhao. On the top of Mount Maxian snow persists throughout the year. White clouds always hung over halfway up the hill. Beiling clouds are one prime natural wonder. There're two main natural sights of Mount Maxian like the Jinglong Pool and Shijing Gorge.

The range, valley, mountain and peak are interlocking. There're four singular spectacles on Mount Maxian. One is its highness. The Mount Maxian rises 3,670 meters above sea level as the highest peak in the Loess Plateau. The second is its coldness. Mount Maxian belongs to the alpine cold dank area; the frost-free period only lasts about 80 days.

The mountain peaks here are perennially covered by snow except the hot summer days every year. The third is its wonder; the landform scenes of Mount Maxian are very unusual. The relatively slight depression on the mountaintop had the oddly shaped mound of the frost heave because of the freezing effect. Some look like bamboo shoots and pillars, some could just resemble swords piecing the sky.

There're the ancient periglacial ruins at the altitude of over 3,500 meters above sea level. The fourth feature is its uniqueness. Mount Maxian boasts its high elevation and the relatively rare little drops of moisture, large visibility and strong ultraviolet rays. There were clumps of the large flowering azaleas in May every year. There's the stunning scenery in all four seasons.

During the late autumn and early winter, there's a chill in the air at the foot of the mountain, while the mountaintop had been clad in white, snowflakes were stacking up the mountain in the shade. As summer goes and winter comes, the snow and ice remain all the year round. 
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