Kunming Zoo – One of the Top Ten Zoos in China

12/18/2014 Jenny Huang Tours Kunming 2001

Kunming Zoo is one of the top ten zoos in the People’s Republic of China. The zoo is sprawled over 26 hectares of land, located in the picturesque Yuantong Mountain of Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan Province. The zoo is a mammoth project consisting of animals, birds, plants of various verities and attracts lot of tourists locally and from all over the world. The zoo was built in 1953 as a national herald to create awareness among people including children to allow them to closely interact with animals, birds and various types of plants. More than 5,700 animals which falls under 333 species of animal kingdom can be seen in this zoo. There are many protected animals and plants and endangered species of animals, birds and plants are also can be seen her.

Various sections are created in the zoo

The zoo is also featured with a peacock garden, aquarium and a butterfly enclosure. The plants in the spring season will provide an awesome experience and Cherry blossom blooming will be a magnificent view. The Weeping Chinese Crab Apple is also a wonderful experience to watch in the zoo complex. The locals use this zoo and garden area for performing exercise and leisure activities. You can find here families cheerfully engaged in playing mahjong which is a popular house hold indoor game.

Have a panoramic view

When you search for 10 best places that you must visit in Kunming, this zoo pop out as one of the must see option due to its natural beauty and scenic location. As per the official estimate more than 300 million people are visiting this zoo annually. The animal and bird section of the zoo has attained a bad reputation due to the poor and filthy surroundings. But the plant section is extremely spectacular and very much attractive than anywhere in China. The hill portion, Yuantong Hill where the zoo located is 5 meter taller than the remaining area hence is an ideal location for a panoramic view of the surrounding.

Seasonally arranged planting

The plantation of various trees and flowering plants are carefully and systematically done as per their flowering season in particular areas. Which means, visitors can have enchanting view of plants flowering or willowing as per the four season, summer, winter, autumn and spring. The seasonal plantation arrangements are in such a way that in the summer block with water lilies and lotus, winter with camellia red spit and cold wax Meiling, autumn with Tan Kwai fragrance and Chrysanthemum Phi gold and spring with cherry in particular.

In the animal section, starting from domestic animals to wild animals and endangered species are something very interesting. You can see here the black gibbon, leaf money, golden money, tiger, giant panda, eagle, kangaroo, cougar, zebra, giraffe, rend panda, black tailed boa, Bengal tiger, Xishuangbabba, elephants, bison, brown neck hornbill etc. Also, don’t forget to watch the elephant show, an amusing event to entertain the young children.

Fee and access to Kunming Zoo

Since Kunming is the capital city of Yunnan province the city is well connected with various transport net works. Kunming has an Airport, railways station and also long distance and city bus services. Passengers arrives at the airport can have tourist bus coach service to Kunming zoo. Similarly, local transport arrangements are available from Kunming city bus terminal and also from Kunming Railway Bus stop. The taxi fare from the down town of Kunming to Kunming zoo will cost you only CNY 15. The entry fee of the zoo is fixed as CNY 10 per head. There will be additional fee of CNY 3 for Butterfly enclosure and Peacock Park. The park is opened in the morning 7 am to evening 7 pm.

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