Jianhe Hot Spring – A Wonderful Tourist Destination

10/9/2014 Seven Sights Kaili 1981
Jianhe Hot Spring is situated in the Wenquan Village in the town of Censong, in Jianhe Region, in the People’s Republic of China. The area is recognized as the Qiandongnan Miao-Dong Independent Prefecture, which is about 267 Kilometers from Guiyang. The Hot Spring is located at a distance of about 70 kilometers from Kaili, and 1.5 kilometers away from the National Highway 210.

Main Attractions

Hot springs in Guizhou attracts swelling numbers of tourists, particularly at the time of festivals. Five spring wells of Jianhe hot spring yield water that stays clear and warm throughout the year. It comprises not only radon but sulfuric hydrogen as well. Native Miao people frequently bathe in its water and this has become a tradition to them.

Hot Spring Bath

Jianhe Hot Spring is situated at the foot of a hill, enclosed by mountains on three sides and fronting a flatland on one side. In the year of 1998, Jianhe County announced 6 million Yuan of foreign investment to construct a swimming pool and certain supplementary amenities at the hot springs. It was opened to travelers not long ago. Every single day, around 50-100 people visit this place to have a hot spring bath.Conferring to native tour guides, it is a primeval local practice to have a bath in the hot springs, but then again no one can tell when this practice started. For ages, the Miao folks have been doing this. Because the Miaos every so often have baths in the hot springs, they have fine skin and are robust and good-looking. It appears that recurrent hot spring bathing aids to preserve a strong metabolism, retain skin fairness and similarly make you striking.

Engage with Miao Culture 

While visiting the Jianhe hot spring, you also get to experience the amazing Miao culture. At the archway, the Miao women wait for the visitors holding Ox horns whilst singing and dancing. Singing is the best pastime of the Miao minority. While entering the visitors have to take a sip from the ox horns which contain rice wine. But you do not have to touch these horns. If you touch them, you are forced to drink the entire rice wine which is in it. There are two separate hot spring pools, one is for women and the other is for men. The women here bathe and wash their clothes. The clear and warm water of the hot spring makes you feel good and relaxes you. You can stay in the springs while enjoying the scenery around you. It is a great place to visit with your family and friends.

Getting There

If you want to go to the Jianhe hot spring, you have to get train No. 248 from Guiyang area and then get off at Kaili and then de board from the train and take a long distance bus to the Jianhe Hot Spring. The highway to the hot spring is a road made of asphalt, and the background along the entire way is very attractive. 
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