Guoliang Village-The Most Dangerous Village in China

10/30/2014 sonrisabai Sights Xinxiang 1084
Guoliang village is located on the northwest side of Hui county, Xinxiang city of Henan province. It is 1700 meters above the sea level, with 83 families. What makes it different is the unique location, just imagine life over cliffs with the only road leading to the outside world. It has become a popular tourists spot in recent years.

It was firstly built in Western Han Dynasty, in memory of a peasant leader called Guoliang. People were suffering from hunger and poverty at that time, to switch the miserable situation, they started a revolt. The feudal emperor chased them into the deep mountain and tried to hunt them down. Those peasants got nothing to do but stayed on that cliff for a while. A few days later, they won and named it village above the cliff as Guoliang Village.

The residents of Guoliang village didn’t get a peek of the world outside till 1972. In order to communicate with the world, 13 villagers decided to build a road on the cliff. They sold their goats and crops, gathering money for purchasing road-building tools. Finally, the road was done. It took them 5 years to finish this huge project, in condition of no electricity or equipment. It is a 1300 meters long rock cave, with 5 meters in height and 4 meters in width. Some Japanese even call it as the Ninth wonder of the world.

In this tough battle of human and nature, human won but paid crucial price. Standing on that road with amazing view in the distance, it’s hard to imagine how much effort the villagers put in such tough road. Taking a tour in the village, you would be surprised what a great life people living here. Not in a fancy way but in a peace and comfortable way. Trees with ripe fruits hanging on, stone stools with interesting shapes, corns spread above the stone board, everyone is at ease here.

Everything is made with stone and rocks here. Stone table, stone bowl, stone chopsticks, stone axes, stone bed, totally a world of stones. When they are being asked, Why are you making everything with those heavy rocks? A villager answer with a smile, “Stone means everything to us and it got the spirit of our ancestor, as well as the hope for later generations. Making stuff with stones only requires effort, no money. Stones are awesome.”

There is another interesting site of Guoliang-the heaven pool. It was built in the year of 1975, firstly dam then it became a reservoir. In the bottom of the valley red rocks with several layers forms beautiful waterfall and utters giant sound when it hits to the bottom pond. Every family in the village provide accommodations with shower. Tourists can watch satellite TV and make phone calls. It doesn’t cost a lot which is good. Considering that it’s high location, be sure to take some thick clothes in case you might feel cold.
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