Blue Dreamy Xiaoqikong

8/1/2013 kate Sights Qiannan 4212

When talking about Guizhou, it is the famous Huangguoshu Falls that immediately come in people's mind. However, there is still a must-go attraction in Guizhou: Seven Small Arches (Xiaoqikong), which is not familiar to people, even some locals. Here I’d glad to introduce the beautiful fairyland to you.

Located at Wang Meng Township, Libo County in Guizhou Province, Xiaoqikong scenic spot covers an area of 10 square kilometers, and known for its delicate, beautiful, quiet. The United Nations Organization expert groups had once visited Xiaoqikong and regarded it as “the world's last emeralds on the same latitude”.

Xiaoqikong scenic spot belongs to the primeval karst forest, with special topography, as well as beautiful and exquisite scenery, green trees make shade, and numerous waterfalls. Everywhere is scenery in the scenic spot, including Seven Holes Bridge, 68 drops Xiangshui Waterfall, Yala Waterfall, and other attractions, coupled with the local Buyi, Yao, Miao and other ethnic minorities, making the whole scenic spots full of romantic, dreamy colors, and ecstatic. Strolling in the scenic area, you will always be shocked and surprised for the scenic views. The lakes are dreamy quiet blue, attracting!
Bead-like Wolongtan waterfall is an artificial waterfall, roaring sound of water is so majestic. While the Wolongtan Pool is just like peaceful elegant, gentle woman, silently shows its impressive grace.
It takes a long time to get to the Xiaoqikong, and the long journey on the way may make you uncomfortable, but when you see the charming scenery, you will find that it is deserve.

There are 68 drops of waterfalls on the Xiangshui River, which is extremely rare in China. Cascading waterfalls run down along the river, wrapped around rocks, trees, forming beautiful and delicate landscape volumes.

The Laya waterfall drop 30 meters. Visitors have to look up to see its top, but this waterfall is not lack of grace, and is also considered to be the lover of Huangguoshu Waterfall.
This is the famous Xiaoqikong Bridge, and the scenic spot is named after it. This bridge is 25 meters long, 4 meters wide, and built in the Qing Dynasty. It is important bridge to connect Libo County and Guangxi province in the ancient times. The bridge is covered with vines, under of which is breathtaking blue water.
There is a beautiful fairy tale about this ancient bridge: it is said that this bridge was made up of seven beautiful girls by a young man, in order to allow folks going farming to the other side of the river, so this bridge is also called as “Qigu Bridge”.

Travel Tips:

Xiaoqikong Tickets: 110 yuan / person, sightseeing car 40 yuan / person.
Transportation: it takes about five half-hour by bus from Guiyang to Xiaoqikong. The minibuses from Libo bus station to Xiaoqikong takes about a half hour.  

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