Beautiful Tianhu Scenic Spot

10/6/2014 Young Sights Zhejiang 1881
Tianhu Scenic Spot is one of the core scenery zones of Tiantai Mountain as the famous scenic spot known in China that had gathered the mountains and waters, the biggest aggregation of human life merging into one organic whole. As the first national AAAA grade of the tourist zone, the scenic spot is only 2 kilometers away from the county town of Tiantai County.

Blessed with the picturesque rocks, grotesque peaks, clear waters and deep valleys, undoubtedly the scenic spot makes a good interpretation of the fantastic nature of Tianhu. The secluded valley with strange rocks stands in the midst of luxuriant trees; the three overlapping lakes with huge numbers of waterfalls are very translucent. The hills are reflected in the crystal water. The trees glow tinted the lush and verdant landscape green, which is the spirit and the cream of Tianhu landscape, and also the important content of Tianhu landscape tour.

Here visitors could go rock climbing, go angling, play in the Water World, pleasure-ground and the three-star holiday inns, it's really a holiday paradise. It's such kind of beauty spot where the cultural essence of Tiantai Mountain, the romance and the beauty of nature, the relaxation paradise meet. The picturesque rocks predominate in the hills of Tianhu. It is also known for entrenched valleys, perpendicular cliffs, ancient stone caves and abundant vegetation resources.

The place's natural wonders like Lion Rock, Yuanxiao Rock and the invisible Guanyin Bodhisattva had received great praise from people. And the legend of Guanyin Bodhisattva rescuing the boy on the steep cliffs appears to confirm the majestic precipitous peaks of Tianhu. The ancient cave of Buddha towers over the temple at the summit of the mountain where is located in the hidden valley and overhanging the dreamy place as the holy stage.

The ridges of Longshan Mountain with the untraded heights, the vast expanse of Tiantai Mountain, the curvaceous peaks with charming and graceful bearing all fell under our eyes. The scenery of a crystal clear lake, peaceful ponds, the babbling brooks and waterfalls is the best portrait of the water of Tianhu.

This upstream of Tianhu is very immense and broad; the midstream of Tianhu is unique and crystal; the downstream of Tianhu is elegant and charming, which could make the lake at different stages with its diverse appearances be meaningful and thought-provoking.

The strip of water running through the lake could form respectively the multiple waterfalls full of motion and melody. Tianhu Scenic Spot from the top to the bottom might be the lake, waterfall, pool or spring, which would play the graceful orchestration of water with the picturesque, delicate and charming features, also being filled with innervations and vigor.

A group of scholars came here one after another, searched for the Wise Men's footprints, left behind a large number of poems in its praise, which could accumulate abundant historic culture connotation. Numerous places of historic interest within the scenic spot are very much more the witness of the illustrious past of Tianhu Scenic Spot. 
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