Beautiful Mount Xianhua Scenic Spot

9/24/2014 Young Sights Zhejiang 1865
Scenic Spot and Historic Site of Xianhua Mountain in Pujiang County as one national Grade AAAA tourism scenic spot is the scenic sightseeing area that takes the connotation of landscape culture, Confucian culture and religious culture, makes a feature of the mountaintop and thick forest, has gathered spectacular natural sight and various humane landscape merging into one whole and takes the principal functions of sightseeing and vocational recreation.

The tourist resort with the pleasant natural surroundings and the vegetation coverage reaching over 88%, is an extraordinary summer resort. The picturesque cragged peaks on the mountain are elegant and charming, a kaleidoscope of gorgeous colors. The grotesque peak thrusts itself towards the sky, penetrating into the clouds. When you raised your head, you could only see clouds wafting in the air as beautiful as fairyland.

Xianhua Mountain is also historically known as the first fairy peak south of the Yangtze River is blessed with the scenic beauty, prosperous and flourishing style and a rapid flow of mountain summits. Xianhua Mountain with two peaks stands facing each other between the South and the North. From the side, it’s a whole range; from the end, a single peak. The luxuriant woods, bamboo groves and crystal clear water are very beautiful.

The deeply cut valley in the mountains is surrounded by water on all sides, with a picturesque style. Xianhua Mountain began to emerge in the Mesozoic era about 150 million years ago, which was formed by the strong congressional fault of Yanshan movement and intensive volcanic activity. It belongs to the gentle hills and foothills area and the well-developed mountaintop gradual slope. It also belongs to the subtropics monsoon climate region, moderate climate, the complementary light and temperature and distinctive four seasons.

Xianhua Mountain boasts its picturesque peaks and the queer stones. The rocks are not merely fanciful and beautiful, but also colorful. There's an artificial lake named Xian Lake at the main entrance of Xianhua Mountain, with an area of 1.1 square kilometers.

Xianhua Mountain is surrounded on all sides by sky-kissing peaks, with the crystal clear waters, conjured up a vision of cloud-shrouded peaks and secluded, torrent-filled valley. The glorious coastline is blessed with many turns and twists. There're two islands in the lake, luxuriantly green forest, as brilliant as emeralds scattered over the entire surface of the lake. The vision of green peaks is mirrored on the water, being vague or ambiguous.

Apart from tasting the traditional farm dishes, making the farmhands works. living in the farmhouse, enjoying the simple and honest farm practices, part of the farmers in the Pleasure-in-farmhouse Tourism of Xianhua Mountain also opened up the special projects including the leisure entertainment and campfire party, which was greatly favored by the urban visitors especially travelers from Shanghai.

It's nestling at the foot of the Xianhua Peak as the brilliant condensation of Xianhua Mountain. There're two valleys to the east of Xianhua Mountain. The spring in the valley was exceptionally pure and refreshing, with angry falling like chips of jade scattered wildly. 
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