Zhejiang Provincial Museum – Renowned Place of Relics Exhibition!

9/28/2018 Seven Sights Hangzhou 5752

Zhejiang Provincial Museum is one of the largest museums exclusively catering Chinese art and culture located in the foot of the Solitary Hill, very close to the West Lake in Hangzhou, the capital city of Zhejiang Province, in the People’s Republic of China. The museum was built in 1929 and was initially known as West Lake Museum. The museum has mammoth collection of historical relics, numbering to more than 100,000 pieces and are exhibited with details descriptions in Chinese language and English translations. Graphic details and audio explanations are also distributed to the visitors. This will help tourists to get proper information of the relics exhibited at the center.

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Go back to history:

Most relics displayed here can be dated back to 5200 BC to 4500 BC which are part of Hemudu culture. Various types of pottery items, wooden works, ivory and bone works and lacquer ware were excavated from various parts of Hangzhou are exhibited here. Because of the huge exhibition of historically important relics, the exhibition pavilion is considered as the best comprehensive center to study the humanity subject. All the relics are displayed as per the order of their cultural inheritance. In one area you can see the display of jade article and silk those were prominently used during Liangzhu culture and in another area you can see bronze wares of 475 BC to 2221 BC related to the State of Yue in the Warring States Period.

You can also see celadon wares which were used in the Southern Song Dynasty. Also, you must be wondering to see the Guiji Mirror and Huzhou Mirror which are very popular for their quality and some beautiful calligraphy works done by artists from Zhejiang Province at the reign of Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Seven thousand years of history:
It is not surprising to know that the museum is proudly displayed relics of more than 7,000 years of history, consisting of various relics. Whatever is available with historical importance, which were excavated or collected from different parts of Hangzhou and surrounding area are all displayed in the Historical Relics Hall. Similar exhibitions related to the items referred can be seen at the Painting and Calligraphy Hall, Celadon Hall and Handicraft Hall. There are regular shows in the hall and also abroad sponsored by the Zhejiang Provincial Museum. Shows of different themes are carried out in Exhibition Hall of Lasting Objects as per the decision of the event management. There is no fixed time table for such shows. Further to the exhibition halls, there is memorial hall of Huang Binhong in Xixia Ridge and Memorial Hall of Sha Menghai in Longyou Road is very important. Zhejiang West Lake Gallery is the new which was built in 1999.

Overseas exhibitions:

As part of cultural interaction and integration Zhejiang Provincial Museum had several exhibitions at France, Germany, Singapore and Japan and contributed quite a lot on academic enhancement between the countries. The museum has also carried out so many literature publications about cultural relics and the publication of academic journal Dongfang Bowu and 7000 years of Zhejiang is very much notable.

Travel tips:

The entry fee is CNY 10 per adult and CNY 5 per student. West Lake Gallery rate is CNY 8 per adult and CNY 4 per student. Combo ticket is CNY 15 per adult and CNY 7 per student. Regular bus services are available from Hangzhou city to Zhejiang Museum.

Zhejiang Provincial Museum is one of important museums in terms of relic’s exhibition and one should not miss to visit the museum while at Hangzhou. 

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