Xixi Wetland Park – A Hidden Treasure of Wonders

10/7/2014 Seven Sights Hangzhou 5339

Xixi Wetland Park is a hidden treasure of wonders in the urban area of Hangzhou. This is a relatively young budding tourist star with enough potential. The Park is located in the west of Hangzhou and if you drive from West Lake, it is only five kilometers far to reach the beautiful park. Xixi Wetland Park became much popular during Ming and Qing dynasties. There are no historical evidences to confirm whether the wetland was inhabited during Han and Jin dynasties. But it has started to develop during Tang and Song dynasties. It became static during the war time like any other locations in the world. Today as there are a lot of revival schemes by the Government of China and the continued awareness programs of environmental protections, Xixi National Wetland Park is gradually regaining its popularity

Xixi National Wetland Park is refreshingly cool and people can easily reach to this abode for enjoyment. With rich cultural heritage, it is an important part of Hangzhou tourist attractions. You will have a wonderful and tranquil experience if you prefer to visit the park in clear day. it is called as “the kidney of Hangzhou”. The total area of the village near Wetland Park is 60 square kilometers, out of this 8 square kilometers being the first and second phases are completely developed and open to the public in 2005. The third and final phase work is still going full swing and upon completion the total wetland park area will be 10 square kilometers.

Xixi Wetland Park is given maximum importance for vegetation. There are special plant zones in the park. The special plum plant locations are known as Xixi Plum House and Plum House. More than 3,000 plum trees are planted in this location. Xixi Plum House is the best location to watch plum flowers.

The wetland park is a well-known habitant location for various types of birds. There are about 126 species of birds you can see here and the projected numbers of birds are about 20,000 and that is why the park can get international reorganization. For the convenience of bird watching, suitable watching pavilions are constructed in the park.

Reaching to Wetland Park anywhere from China is made easy due to the rapid rail network developed, especially the High speed trains from Shanghai Haongqiao Station to Hangzhou City station. The services are available in every hour. The train journey will take only 60 minutes to Hangzhou city. From the Railway terminal to the park, you can either take a cab or regular bus service. Entry to the park needs CNY 140 per head that inclusive of an electric boat ride for 20 minutes. Dining will cost you CNY 80 per person.

The park represents as one of the best recreation centers by giving importance to cultural activities. Some of the important cultural aspects are Persimmon and Plum festivals, the silk industry, the dragon boat festivals and boat born martial arts. The dragon boat festival is having more than 5,000 year’s history! The festival is recreated every year. Believe you can have a good time in the wetland park. 

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