Xitang Ancient Town Travel Guide for Food

6/4/2014 Sum Food Hangzhou 2488

Grammy Guan’s Stinky Tofu (Guan Lao Tai Chou Dou Fu)
Grammy Guan is already 85 years old. The stinky tofu she made has been popular for decades. She passed her recipe to her son who passed the recipe to Grammy Guan’s grandson. At the beginning, Grammy Guan only owned a small food stall. After her son took over the business, he started a factory. Now in the third generation, the business has been expanded and Grammy Guan’s Stinky Tofu becomes a registered trademark. That is why you will see several restaurants and food stalls hanging the sign of Grammy Guan’s Stinky Tofu in the town of Xitang. They are all authentic even though they are joined businesses. The only one shop owned by Grammy Guan’s grandson is located at Shiban Road no. 92.

The Qian’s Beancurd Jelly (Qian Shi Dou Fu Hua)
At the intersection between Yanyuchanglang and Yongning Bridge, there is a small stall selling beancurd jelly, which is their specialty. They sell fried bread stick and green bean noodle as well. The beancurd is famous for its smoothness. The beancurd jelly can be consumed with either srupy or soya sauce. If you don’t state beforehand, the jelly will be served salty. You may also add other condiments such as vintage and chili for your liking.

Baked Roll with Dried Vegetable (Mei Gan Cai Shao Bing)
In a very small shop owned by a humble old man, there is a delicious snack called the baked roll with dried vegetable. The rolls are baked in a Chinese old-fashion stove. The freshly baked rolls are crispy and savory yet not greasy. Everyday there are tourists lining up in front of the shop to buy the baked roll. Many of them are returned customers. One roll costs five Yuan. It is very big. The shop is not so easy to find. It is under the Songzilaifeng Bridge.

The Lu’s Wonton (Lu Shi Hun Tun)
The wonton is with thin layer wrapping little meat ball suitable for one bite each. The comments vary: some say it is good some say it is not living up to its reputation. Most importantly the size of the wonton is not generous. The restaurant is located at Youdian Xi Road, Weitang Town.

Meng Li Shui Xiang Restaurant
It is a nice place for authentic local dish. The lotus leaf chicken is their specialty. The savor of the lotus leaf is soaked into the chicken meat. The stew time for the chicken is perfect as it is thick in taste but remains soft. Steamed baishui fish is also very good. Baishui fish is an expensive kind in freshwater fish. The restaurant has fancy interior. The owner of the restaurant is also one of the cook. The place is located at the west entrance (Xi Men) of the ancient town.

Fermented Glutinous Rice Ball Soup (Jiu Niang Wan Zi)
Near the Huanxiu Bridge, there is a shop selling the best fermented glutinous rice ball soup. Cold rice ball soup is suitable snack in the summer while the hot rice ball soup is perfect for winter. 

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