Xian Cuihua Mountain - National Geo-park

1/26/2015 sonrisabai Tours Xian 3428

Cuihua Mountain is located in the south of Xian, with a height of 2,132 meters above sea level. Legend has it that Monk Taiyi once practiced here, so it is also called the Taiyi Mountain. Since ancient times, Cuihua Mountain has been a favorite place for emperors from different dynasties. Emperor Qin hunted here, King of Han dynasty worshiped God here, Emperor Li of Tang dynasty used here as his summer palace to cool off. Thousands years have passed, some spots are damaged already but the rich culture remains still attracts numerous tourists every day.



Cuihua Tourist Zone is formed with three parts, Green Mountain Lake Zone, The Sky Pool and Rock Sea Zone. At the north hillside, tourist can watch some awesome water-related scenery such as Nine Sky Waterfall, streams. Taking a walk among the mountain route, with the joyful sound of stream flowing and lovely singing of birds, better,  the negative oxygen ions is extremely good for a healthy body. If you need a place to do good to your body and mind, this is no second place as good as Cuihua Mountain.



If you want to get to know a little knowledge of the formation of Cuihua Mountain, come to the Sky Pool Landslide Scientific Entertainment Zone. The sky pool is also called Taiyi Pool, covering an area of 50000 square meters. Here you can take a special visit to the natural geological museum, seeing the weird-shape stones, walking across caves, sailing on the lake and so much more. If you have enough guts, try the water-walking ball, with which you can have a close touch with the lake.



There is also a story about this great place. Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl called Jin Cuihua. Since her parents both died when she was a kid, she was raised up by his brother and sister-in-law. The couple took money and benefit as the top priority. To get a lot money from Cuihua’s marriage, they made her marry to wealthy man as his second wife. However, her heart was already taken. One dark night she escaped from her brother’s house and ran right into the mountain. A few days later, her brother found her sitting besides a cave. When her brother was trying to catch her, she turned into a smoke then fly up to the sky.

Ever since then, local people renamed the mountain as the Cuihua Mountain, in order to commemorate this girl. Nowadays they also have a temple with a statue of Cuihua in it. Every year on June 1st in lunar calender, there will be a Cuihua temple fair. Tourists from all directions will swarm in here and make their wishes. When summer comes, tourists can swim in the pool and have barbecues besides the lake. Not only that, they have spectacular performance for tourists when the night falls. That is not all, all kinds delicious food are ready for you, get ready for a huge treat on your taste bud!

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