Wulei Mountain Scenic Spot in Zhejiang

8/27/2014 Young Sights Zhejiang 2126
Wulei Mountain Scenic Spot has reached national AAA grade of tourist zone standards, also the provincial-level scenery district of well-known scenic spot in Zhejiang. Wulei Mountain tourist area makes the distinguishing features of Buddhist culture and natural scenery. Located in the Guanhaiwei Township in Cixi City, Wulei Mountain Scenic Spot has always enjoyed its laudatory title the small peach orchard and the fairy land.

As early as the Song dynasty, as the famous scenic spot of Zhejiang, it has the characteristics of being deep, secluded, picturesque and steep. It's really a pleasant place for returning to nature and moving towards green hills and clear waters. Wulei Mountain scenery area is made up of Wulei Temple, Lotus Flower Garden and Zangyun stream. Ancient temple, crystal lake, secluded valley and clear stream are the four features of this tourist attraction.

Wulei Mountain full of the immortal spirit could surely leave one deep understanding of its natural beauty. Standing on Wulei Mountain, you could observe the panoramic, the flowering-lotus view. There's one Wulei Temple encompassed by mountains on the north side of the basin. Covered by luxuriant trees and richly-colored flowers, the Wulei temple with deep mountainside gorge or gully and the stones competing with each other is like a beautiful scenic park. It's the original eco-tourism tourist area.

In the scenic spot, the mountainous valley and water-streams contrast finely with each other, strange stones and grotesque pools are turning up everywhere. You could enjoy the delightful view with the lush green trees, sharp towering mountains, dramatic geological and landscape types of scenery. Wulei Temple is one of the oldest temples in East Zhejiang, was set up in the period of the three kingdoms. It had a history that can be traced back to over 1700 years ago.

Relying on the wooded mountain and ancient temple, Wulei Mountain Scenic Spot made the best use of the lotus coinage in Buddhism, and constructed the Lotus Flower Garden that has gathered the Buddhist culture and beautiful garden sights merging into one whole. Here visitors could feast their eyes on the lotus flowers and have a taste of spring tea, wear away all of your cares and immediately enter into the clear and bright world.

One side of Wulei temple is a vast expanse of misty and rolling waters, and the other side is the lofty and upstanding mountains. Heavy Buddhism culture connotation could cast the golden peace over the whole scenic spot. Wulei Temple has many famous historical spot. There's one pond before the front gate of the temple, and the crystal and the perennial stream that gurgled out of the eastern eyelike barrow flowed into the Moon Lake along the small water channel after pouring into the pond.

The water in the pond is cool in summer and warm in winter, very crystal and pleasant to the taste. There're several sky-kissing ancient trees on the mountain slope not far away from the temple, while inside the temple are mostly camphor trees with the branches and leaves spreading to the surrounding extension.
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