Visit Longjingshan Tea Cultural Village and Take Part in Tea Picking

9/29/2014 Meixuan Sights Hangzhou 2284

One of the picturesque locations, without any doubt beyond anybody's wild imagination, Hangzhou Longjingshan Tea Cultural Village is an ideal place for retire life. The pristine landscape without any trace of litter, life in Longjingshan Tea Cultural village is appeared to be idyllic and blissful. Longjingshan Tea Cultural Village is the magical place everybody would like to visit when they visit Hangzhou. This is the area where the most popular and finest Chinese green tea is produced. The tea produced from Longjing is approved as the imperial tea during the time of Emperor Qianlong. He has put a rigorous process of quality checking and he himself was a true connoisseur of tea, as he know the intricate subtleties of the tea brewing process and given the approval and put his stamp as the 'Imperial tea'. The process of developing tea is maintained traditionally and still Longjing tea maintains its enviable position.

To expereince the tea go straight to the village

After visiting Longjing Village, you would carry with you the sweet memories of West Lake, the beautiful Longjing Women and the dragon well tea. The vast history and traditional tea processing and special brewing techniques are unique. That makes Longjing Village special for this tea culture. Dragon tea is one of the expensive tea produced from China, is known for its supreme quality and unmistakable fragrance. The soothing, relaxing taste of the tea is unequivocal. In the good old time the best harvest of the tea was always reserved for the elite and government officials or the ruling class. The best way to experience what exactly is the tea is to go straight to the village.

Longjing Imperial Tea Garden

Longjing Imperial Tea Garden is one of the prestigious tea garden estates in the village in Longjing. The tea from the garden is handpicked, which means each leaf is carefully handpicked. When you reach here, you can find the tea garden is nursed by straw-hat wearing harvesters, who are busy in selecting the finest tea leaves. As the name suggests, the royal garden is an off limit tourist destination and of course richly blessed the sheer beauty and wonderful landscapes. The wonderful greenery is so relishing and smooth. The clean climate and pristine eco-surroundings transform your personality in to an unimaginable inner peace.

Picking tea leaves

The main harvest season is normally from last week of March to end of summer. During peak harvest season i.e., March and April the price will go up to CNY 6,000 per kilogram. You can buy fine green leaves directly from the villagers. May be you can see the villagers try to seduce you in to their house to buy their produce. As part of tourism promotion, you can join with any team of tour packages which includes tea-picking. You need to have a good English speaking guide to take you directly and participate in the tea-picking program. If you are not that shied, you can politely ask the local to include you in their company and be part of the tea - picking team. Sometimes, you will get the opportunity to watch the tea leaf making process.

Travel tips

Tourist boarding from Shanghai can take the high speed train to Hangzhou and from there by taxi or bus to Wulin Square. From there, take bus or taxi to Longjing Village.

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