Unbelievably Beautiful Nanjiang Grand Canyon

5/28/2014 Young Sights Guizhou 1879
Situated in Kaiyang County in the middle of Guizhou Gaoyuan, only 54 kilometers away from the Guiyang City as the capital of Guizhou province, Nanjiang Grand Canyon is featured by developing typical karst gorge landscape of affecting grandness and diversified waterfall communities of wonderful beauty. The beautiful natural scenery with a thousand and one fabulous scenes creates a favorable condition for the development of tourism. The complete length of the gorge is over 40 kilometers. The gorge impresses visitors with its majestic and precipitous appeal, with the inmost depths of 398 meters.

As China's first Canyon national park, Nanjiang Grand Canyon is the second home of Tao Yuanming who was a man of letters and refined scholar in ancient times. Its heaven-reaching peak with forbidding appearance makes one marvel at this prodigious wonder of nature. It boasts a temperate climate and surrounded by magnificent landscapes. It has very rich scientific interest and high aesthetic values. The place is indeed of extremely high ornamental and tourist value and high value of scientific research.

The lofty mountain, many rocky hills and escarpments, deep valley and surficial landscape, all constitute to make it become a beautiful tourist spot that merges harmoniously into the magnificent scenery, especially the well protected vegetation and the forest coverage reaching over 80%. There're numerous and varied medicinal herbs and animals and plants. Its hydrological landscape is also conspicuous.

The scientific investigation results that the experts have worked out display like this: layer upon layer of different rocks recede down into the Nanjiang Grand Canyon and back through time, until the strata, at the river, revealed some of the oldest exposed rocks on earth, thus it's the typical low and intermediate gorge landscape. There're many native scenery available, including over 40 waterfalls that present an infinite variety of shapes. Travelers could trace the path down to the translucent jade river to have an adventurous drifting. They could also walk with beauty or wonder at nature along the riverside with dark shades, or they could even travel through the typical karst primitive forest.

Nanjiang Grand Canyon owns the objective quality of abundant natural resources to build ecological tourist pillar area. The unique folk songs and dances and long-standing cultural traditions make visitors linger on with no thought of leaving. The swimming pool with natural spring, the wicked images of the Buddha and outdoor barbecues are very pleasing to the visitors.

People would go straight to the ladder rock as soon as they got off the ship, the dense woods with the rich ethnic folklore and pastoral farmhouse has come together to create a truly unique and unforgettable scenery, so that it is a pleasant ecological tourist stage that combines ecological environment and folk customs.

In the lower reach of the ladder rock scenic spot is the Luoguchong area where is renowned for its majestic steep crags on both banks of the river. Stalactites and stalagmites on the cliffs present colorful pictures. The stone forest is very typical with the incomparably beautiful scenery. 
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