Tour Suzhou and Hangzhou in Winter

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Weather of Eastern China in winter can be a  little chilly and damp; colors of landscapes are grey and duller than the rest  of the year. However, it’s absolutely worth visiting in winter as there’re  lesser crowds, lower costs and a greater capacity to deeply explore the best  parts of your destinations. There are a lot to see in Eastern China in winter, Suzhou  and Hangzhou, just to name a few. Instead of surviving the winter at home,  embrace the season and enjoy unique experiences in Suzhou and Hangzhou!


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Suzhou is packed with interesting  architectures and picturesque gardens, often dubbed as the Asian Venice for its  ancient canals that run through the rural parts of the city. Immerse yourself  in the lingering charm of the landscapes in classical gardens and scenic water  town with numerous ponds and streams. In addition, Suzhou silk embroidery is  very impressive for people to learn about the local art.

Tiger Hill

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Tiger Hill is one of the must see  attractions in Suzhou. 36 meters above sea level, this picturesque hill boasts  impressive rocks, 18 scenic spots and a number of historical sites and  anecdotes over 2,500 years. Famous poet Su Dongpo of Song Dynasty once said, it  would be a great pity if one didn’t visit Tiger Hill when he came to Suzhou. No  wonder Tiger Hill has been a spectacular sight in the area south of the Lower Yangtze.  Among the attractions of the hill, the Yunyan Temple Pagoda and the Sword Pool  are best-known features.

Tongli Water Town

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You might have heard or read about this  water town in China, but Tongli will still take you by surprise with its  timeless charm once you visit it. Tongli Water Town is one of the Great Six  ancient towns in Southern Yangtze River. Firstly built in Song Dynasty, Tongli  has a history over 1,000 years. Nestled between bridges and cuddled along  canals, Tongli has gorgeous water scenes. To catch the most essence of the  town, you should take a rowing boat for sightseeing on the river. You will see numerous  ancient architectures of Ming and Qing dynasties, stone arch bridges and many  other historical sites. You are advised to go early for great photos before the  crowds stream in.

Silk Embroidery

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Suzhou embroidery has very detailed  representations of almost any subject embroidered onto fine silk with silk  thread, which is spun from cocoons. One of the distinctive features of Suzhou  embroidery is that two completely different pictures are embroidered on the  front and back on the same piece of silk! Take a tour around one of the silk  factories to be blown away by the skill and beauty of these impressive silk  embroideries!



As one of seven ancient capitals in China,  the long history and the splendid culture endow Hangzhou with profoundness.  Hangzhou is also famed for its natural beauty. With UNESCO World Heritage site  the West Lake, Hangzhou was described by Marco Polo as “The City of Heaven”.

West Lake


Regarded as the influence of artists and  poets throughout China, the legendary West Lake is a must visit in Hangzhou. Much  has been said about the poetic scenery of the West Lake: pagodas, bridges,  causeways all look different through the seasons. In the midst of winter, many views  are obscured by mist but it also presents with great photo-taking  opportunities. The West Lake’s night scene is truly mesmerizing when it comes  to appreciating a touch of ancient China.

Dragon Well Tea Plantation

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Longjing (Dragon Well) Tea is renowned for  its handmade and high quality, earning it the China Famous Tea title. Dragon  Well Tea Plantation is a short bus ride from the West Lake. Wander freely  through the village on hills with tea terraces and bamboo forests, you can  smell the fresh air with a little bit of sweetness. Dragon Well Tea Plantation  in winter is very quiet compared to more crowds and busier in summer. Wrap up  warm and sip hot, fragrant tea on the terrace overlooking rows of tea bushes  coated with a thin layer of white snow this winter.

With these destinations, you can taste  different views in different seasons. In addition, traveling Eastern China in  winter gives you an opportunity to view and experience the destinations through  new lens. Join us on an adventure to Suzhou and Hangzhou on Essence of Shanghai  Suzhou Hangzhou 5 Days Join in Group Tour!

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