Top Ski Resorts in Northern China

12/27/2013 Selina Ou Entertainment China 4000
When the white winter comes, snow has become the most popular character in this cold season. When in winter, people travel to the enjoy the classic northern scenery at Changbai Mountain, watch artworks of ice sculptures and ice lanterns at Harbin, attend the carnival of Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival, see the spectacular of rime in Jilin, experience the charm of snow in China's Snow Town...

And skiing, yeah, skiing should never be missed out on the list of winter activities. Some people ski to be fashionable, some ski to experience excitements, some ski to adventure, some ski to relieve stress, some ski to enjoy the view. Some people ski just because skiing is a winter sport, while someone ski in order to challenge themselves... Whatever the reason you ski, skiing is a hot entertainment in winter. And you will be immersed in the world when you flying from the mountain, holding your breath and screaming loudly in your colorful and fashionable ski suits. That excitement may get you lost, but then find the new brave yourself.

So, for a memorable and perfect skiing experience, here are some top ski resorts that are popular and hot in China for your winter tours.

Changbai Mountain Ski Resort

This is a professional ski resort with hot springs and ski field. It is located in the heart of Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve with natural hot springs, dense forest and beautiful scenery. It is nestled to the 16 peaks in Changbai Mountain with the Tianchi in the north and Yuanchi in the east. Snow quality here is close to that of France and the northern Italy. This ideal ski resort is equipped with well-designed ski tracks, comprehensive winter sports training facilities and fascinating environment. A spring bath after skiing is a highlight of skiing there.

Jilin North Big Lake Ski Resort

Jilin North Big Lake Ski Resort from Jilin Province is 53 kilometers from the Jilin City center and 126 kilometers from the Changchun Longjia International Airport. The North Big Lake Ski Resort has aunique natural advantages with gentle slopes and less cliffs, suitable temperatures, thick snow and fine snow quality. The resort is surrounded by mountains in three sides, thus light winds which endow the ski resort to construct different skiing projects.

Yabuli Ski Resort

Yabuli Ski Resort is situated 90 kilometers from Mudangjiang City and 197 kilometers from Harbin City. It is the largest ski resort in China. Yabuli ski resort has complete comprehensive facilities with 11 ski track for elementary, intermediate and advanced skiing. It is located in Changbai Mountain with unique geography, thick and moderately hard snow, and long snow period. Besides the exciting skiing, you can enjoy the grand beautiful scenery there.

Wanlong Ski Resort

Wanlong Ski Resort lies in Chongli County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. It is equipped with complete and professional facilities in ski tracks and cableways, skiing equipment hall with fashionable items. Also Wanlong ski resort has perfect systems of man-made snow and medical insurance and rescue. In addition to its mature service facilities and beautiful landscape, Wanlong ski resort attracts many tourists and skiers every year.

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