Top Five Classic Travel Routes for Sichuan Tour

3/12/2014 Selina Ou Tips Chengdu 2336
Situated in the southwest of China, Sichuan Province has been reputed as “the land of abundance” by its mild climate and humid soil. Also, when travel to Sichuan, its rich tourist resource would never get you disappointed. From natural scenery to cultural relics, from mountains to grasslands, Sichuan would modern casual life to unique local customs, the beautiful Sichuan bring you with surprises and excitements for your Sichuan tour.

As Sichuan is a hot travel destination when traveling in China, here is a list of five classic routes that are recommended as the most beautiful ones in Sichuan.

No. 1 Pilgrimage tour

Travel route: Chengdu - Mount Emei – Leshan - Heizhugou (黑竹沟)

Mount Emei is one of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains of China. With its charming natural landscapes, Buddhist architecture and the unique scene of sunrise and cloud sea, this sacred mountain is a must-visit when travel to Sichuan. On its Golden Summit, there locates the tallest golden Buddha statue in the world. This travel route from Chengdu to Leshan and Mount Emei has been famous as a pilgrimage tour.

Tips: The distance between Chengdu and Mount Emei is about 157 kilometers. You can travel to mysterious Heizhugou from Leshan. There are hotels of various classes in Mount Emei area, among which the Hongzhushan Hotel, Mount Emei Hotel and Emei Spring Restaurant have the best facilities.


No. 2 Kangba Flavor

Travel route: Chengdu – Wolong (Panda base) – Rilong (Mount Sighuliang) – Danba (Beauty Valley and Diaolou) – Tagong (Tagong grassland and Tagong Temple) – Xinduqiao – Kangding – Chengdu

This is a quite popular travel route for tourists. During this route, you have chances to admire those cutes pandas in Wolong and explore the mysterious Mount Siguliang. Then all the way from Danba to Tagong, Xinduqiao and Kangding are destinations that could not resist, especially for photographers. Every inch during the route gets its intriguing scenery. Snow mountains, temples and grasslands are seen every here and there.

Tips: This route covers a distance of 800 kilometers and five days are recommended for this route. 

Danba Beauty Valley


No. 3 Impression of Southern Sichuan

Travel route: Chengdu – Neijiang – Zigong (Dinosaur Museum ) Yibin – Shuifu (Western Grand Canyon) – Changning (Shunan Banboo Sea ) – Xingwen Shihai(兴文石海) – Chengdu

Travel to southern Sichuan is considered an amiable experience. Landscapes in southern Sichuan tend to be featured with pastoral. The famous Shunan Bamboo Sea is an outstanding of the beautiful scenery in southern Sichuan. This green bamboo sea is a good place for summer resort. Xingwen Shihai is the place to see Karst landscapes. Springs at the Western Grand Canyon, Dinosaur Museum and Lantern Festival at Zigong, and the local cultures and customs of Miao people are what to experience in this route.

Tips: The whole route is about 300 kilometers and will take four days.

Xingwen Shihai

No.4 Baima Flavor

Travel route: Chengdu – Baima Wanglang Scenic Area – Jiuzhaigou Valley

This travel route is famous because of the Jiuzhaigou Valley which is reputed as the “heaven on earth” and “a world of fairytale”, and the Huanglong which is famed as “Jade Pool on earth”. While Baima has its special charms by its natural beauties and local customs which are featured with simple and primitive.


No.5 Color of Ganzi

Travel route: Chengdu – Kangding – Litang(理塘) – Daocheng – Yading – Chengdu

Sceneries at this route are really impressive. Daocheng and Yading are two destinations that admired by many people. Their pure alpine valley and grassland landscapes with their unique local food and special flavors tempt people traveling there. The local Kangba people with splendid clothes and special ethnic customs also attracts tourists. While, traveling this route is also a challenge as most area has an altitude more than 3,000 meters.

: A normal tour at this route will take seven days. Tourists can travel to Lugu Lake in Yunnan Province from Yading, which will take more days. Best time for this route is from May to October.


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