Top Destinations to Visit in the Spring of March (Part 3)

2/27/2014 Selina Ou Tours Hangzhou 3224
Longji Terraces and Yuanyang Terraces

Longji Terraces located in Guangxi Province is a great scenic spot to enjoy in March. Firstly built in the ancient Yuan Dynasty, Longji Terraces have a long history. They were constructed upon the mountains, Longji Terraces have various shapes. When in the spring of March, when farmers have planted green rice seedlings, the whole terraces get revitalized. At this time, terraces have the best pleasant views in the morning. The hazy fog in the morning covers the terraces that have the color of green, yellow and red, refracted to resemble a colorful rainbow. When gentle morning sunlight shades upon the fog, the terraces becomes dazzling also eye-catching. This is why Longji Terraces have been destinations for photographers.

And the Yuanyang Terraced Fields in Yunnan Province have wide reputation as art of earth. The masterpiece of Yuanyang Terraces created by the Hani People has been considered as the most mysterious earth sculpture. Around the Yuanyang Terraces is the cloudy Ailao Mountain. Whenever in March, groups of wild cherry blossoms, wild kapoks and peach blossoms bloom all over the mountain and among the terraces, while terraces become bright and lucent. In the morning or when dusk times, when the transparent terraces rendering the golden sunlight bewilder among the misty villages and clouds, you get a visual feast of magic and mysteries.

Western Sichuan Grassland

The wide Western Sichuan Grassland has early flower season compared with the northern Sichuan plateau. In the middle of March, Western Sichuan Grassland has the best views of bright rape flowers as it has relatively large area of rape flowers in mainland China. Besides the normal pastoral landscapes, the grand sceneries of rape flowers get the best at Xindu and Longquan. When walking in the grassland, losing yourself at the pink romantic peach blossoms and yellow bright rape flowers, your camera will never miss a shot.


Hangzhou never disappoints you whichever season you go as there never lacks beautiful sceneries. But Hangzhou at spring in March is more fascinating with the blooming of enchanting peach flowers and tulips. The West Lake in spring decorated with the colorful and romantic flowers, especially the Su Causeway with the green weeping willows and romantic pink peach blossoms outstands. Spring Dawn at Su Causeway, as the first ten sceneries of West Lake, describes West Lake as a charming women wakening from the winter dream. When walking along the Su Causeway in the morning, the fresh and fragrant willows and flowers reflected in the green lake with the singing birds, this seems to be the best pleasant time in the whole life. 

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