Top 10 Restaurants in Xian Part 2

7/14/2016 Donna Food Xian 2507

No 6. Isola del Nord Italy Restaurant
Average costs per person: 217 Yuan 


Isola del Nord  Italian Restaurant serves great Italian Cuisine. With a range of pastas,  pizzas, steaks and delightful desserts your appetite will certainly be  satisfied. All ingredients used are of high quality and fresh. The restaurant is  considered as one of the high-end dining options of Xian and with its 120 Yuan  wine buffet the restaurant is certainly worth a try.

Telephone: 029-87201501, 87201502
Address: 11th Floor, B Tower, Kaiai Mansion, 1 Xihuamen, Xian 


No 7. The Tang Dyansty, Xian  

Average costs per person: 305 Yuan 



Enjoying the Tang  Dynasty Dinner and Show is always a highlight of any trip to Xian. Before the  show guests will be served the most exquisite dishes created by Mr. Sang Hua  Rung. The dishes served are designed for Western and Chinese taste. During  dinner you can enjoy the eloquent traditional Chinese music played by a live  band.    

Address: No. 75, Chang’an Road, Xian

No.8 Tang Palace Dance Show
Average costs per person: 172 Yuan



Opened in 1998 the  Tang Palace Dance Show is also known as the Shaanxi Grand Opera Theatre which  is sponsored by the Shaanxi Provincial Government. The Tang Palace Dance Show  is great for tourists who want to watch the dance show and eat at the same  time. The famous Dumpling Banquet is one of the highlights, the dumplings  served come with different fillings and shapes.  

Telephone: 029-87853294 

Address:  No.165 Wenyun North Road, Xian, China

No.9 Tianlong Baoyan Vegetarian Restaurant
Average costs per person: 65 Yuan



Tianlong Baoyan  Vegetarian Restaurant is famous in Xian for its delectable vegetarian cuisine. The  dishes are just as good as those with meat, the vegetables and soya bean products  are either fried, steamed, braised or stir fried to create the most delicious  imitation meat dishes.

Telephone: 029-85266880 029-85266990
Address: No. 1 West Ci’en Road, Yanta District, Xian

No.10 Xian Restaurant  

Average costs per person: 84 Yuan



Xian Restaurant  was established in 1929 and honored as a China Time-honored Brand. The  restaurant serves traditional Shaanxi Cuisine and has more than 83 years experience in the industry. Famous dishes of the restaurant are Chrysanthemum Fish and Rou Jia Mo. 

Telephone: 029-87600115

Address: No.110 Nandajie, Beilin District,Xian


Top 10 Restaurants in Xian Part 1

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