The Yunfeng Tunbao Cultural Scenic Spots

10/9/2014 Meixuan Sights Anshun 2357
China is the best place to experience the real magic of cultural as well as ecological tourism. The Yunfeng Tunbao scenic spot is a world famous tourist destination in China which is visited by millions of travelers from different parts of the world. At present, Anshun in Guizhou is inhabited Han group of Tunpu people. The culture of these people is very distinct from the other parts of China. Their clothing, customs, language, entertainment styles, architecture, etc are perfectly followed by the Ming dynasty culture. The religious belief of Tunbao people and also the Han nationality in China is associated with lot of deities who come down in a continuous line. The people here are having an elegant appearance as well as distinct defensive residential architecture.

District Seven Town
The culture is perfectly representing the District Seven Town, which is the village eye of Yushan. The greater portion of Yunfeng attractive region is covered in Lei village which is located twenty one kilometers east to city of Anshun. The entire area covered amounts to nearly twenty two and half square kilometers. Since the development of Yunfeng Tunbao scenic spot, it has caused the great hike in the tourism as well as academic value of mountain, roadways, walled ancient city of Ming dynasty, old watchtowers, houses, well preserved areas, castles, and more. During the year 2002, the seven eye town was recognized as the biggest most complete preservation of cultural village cluster called Tun. It was listed as world DSJJNS.

World of stone
The State council has always taken great measures to preserve Tunpu village in Yushan village. This village with old buildings is positioned to be one among the fifth batch of China’s key cultural remains protection units. At present, the Yunfeng Tunbao scenic spot, is under the Chinese ministry of construction to be declared as the well known historical cum cultural village in China. The whole of Guizhou is having several remains of antiquity as well as unique characteristics which mesmerize the people visiting the spot. The ancient stone buildings and houses is one of the biggest features in stone application here. The village is in a perfect stone city in a way. Each house is a stone castle which has great house door privacy and security. It even maintains an essential connection between them. In village, one can find stone streets, stone tiles, stone walls, stone cylinder, stone pestle fosse, and more. It is known as a world of stone. The closed pattern of the spot is very attractive and majestic in terms of height. The buildings have wooden windows, carved doors with several symbolic patterns of happiness and good luck to people.

The Tun Bao Old castle village is located in gorge. People can easily access via one of the passes – Yunchan Tun pass in eastern side, other at back in southern part. Ancient styled residential buildings in mountainous region, courtyard houses, and three sided courtyard houses are main highlights in terms of architectural designs. The Benzhai village has special terrestrial features provided by mother nature, specifically Qingshan Mountain and Sancha River.
Travel tips
A twenty kilometers bus ride is there to Qiyanqiao County from Anshun Gymnasium station. It costs just two to three RMB. Mini bus and tractors of local people are the best choices to reach this cultural spot. Never miss Tun Bao customs, food and to visit Dixi Opera – the living fossil of opera art, and more!
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