The Unique Beauty of Mount Kaolao

9/26/2014 Young Sights Zhejiang 1601
Kaolao Mountain is located in the south of Shanglin Lake in the Cixi City of Zhejiang Province, which is the fantastic mountain with the altitude of 434 meters above sea level. The mountain had a dense growth of evergreen trees and formed a "retreat away from the world. There're the roaring waterfalls among the mountain stream. That's the Kaolao Mountain also known as Xianju Mountain. However, people had no way of knowing about the origin of the name Kaolao Mountain.

Single hill, water, every stone, every blade of grass in the Kaolao Mountain is all work of nature's wonderment, without the least man-made gouge. As its name suggests, it's original and simple. The mountain is divided into two peaks of east and west, which is respectively called the East Kaolao Mountain and the West Kaolao Mountain.

On sunny days, when we reached the top of the hill, you could see the full extent of Shanglin Lake. There's an unimpeded sweep of hills that afforded a peaceful setting groveled at the feet of the surrounding Cuifeng Mountain, with the setting flavor of "it dwarfs all peaks under my feet." There's one valley between the two peaks. The raging stream bickered down the deep valley. That is Kaolao stream.

Cling up along the Kaolao Stream between the two peaks, visitors could hear the babble of running water from a considerable distance because of its location of the mouth of the valley and raging stream. Whenever spring season comes, it has especially beautiful flowers blanketing hill, which is a fairyland of beautiful flowers and sweet odors. The butterfly fluttered from flower to flower; the yellow orioles sing madrigals. What beautiful scenery of innumerable flowers in purple and red.

There's one millstone rock in the mountain, the story is going about that it's originally the fishing spot for the fairies in Shanglin Lake, also named the Diaoyu Rock. Not far from the rock, there're two large rocks called Songgang Rock lying across the stream. People gently stroked the two huge rocks, as if they could still feel the shake of rocks.

The magic of legends might be here. Apart from the oddly-shaped rocks, Kaolao Mountain also boasts the Qigu Pavilion and cliffside inscriptions of the Song Dynasty. Qigu Pavilion got its name because there's one huge rock shaped like the pavilion. It follows that the good name of Kaolao has been so far quite some time. With faith and perseverance, you could go further towards and view the flush of plunging water coming from heaven. That's the famous Kaolao waterfall.

There's the waterfall on the far side of which the path led into a long white V. The vast mist was spread all over the hillside, with the magnificent display of fine sprays of water. There's the perilous rock at the top of the waterfall, as a roof beam crossing the waterfall. The erecting great rocks are involved with the fine spirits, producing an unsophisticated and celestial myth effect. If it had not been for the prodigious workmanship, anyone could create such ingenious and incomparable scenery? 
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