The Original Luorong Dairy Farm

8/27/2014 Young Sights Chongqing 1605
The Luorong Dairy Farm in Sichuan is surrounded by the three fairy mountains. Gonggar River meandered through the grassland, and the trickling waters slowly flowing over the small rocks among the trees. The serpentine course of the stream and the wooden huts in the lush green pastures could add radiance and beauty to each other, which could constitute the original and beautiful view.

In the scenic spot, all the wooden huts are hiding in the green cypress and winding mountains, which can give you a natural and earthy feeling. Luorong Dairy Farm is one of the earliest and certainly the best-known accommodation places within the Yading scenery zone. With the altitude of 4,150 meters above sea level, the scenic area is also the meadow in the high mountain where the village members around the farm are herding cattle.

Herds of sheep and cows were staying here and enjoy ample sunshine and rainfall, the green grass and the pure water. The grass is coming forward fast and the eagle flies high in May. Yaks can be seen when the wind blows and grass lowers. The Luorong Dairy Farm is the perfect place to view the three surrounding snow-capped mountains. Travelers after the long tramp could lay here in camp or set up their tents.

Here the snowy peaks, thick forest, the pasture, flowing stream, blue-water lake, the waterfall and the wooden huts could form a delightful contrast. The Luorong Dairy Farm commands a breathtaking view of three fairy mountains. The Kasi valley is very narrow and deep. The mouth of the gorge is at the altitude of 3,800 meters and the bottom of the gorge is 2,900 meters above sea level.

It is heavily forested in the valley. The long stretches of jagged and grotesque rocks, the leaping fountains and waterfalls with a thunderous roar could be seen everywhere. The great scenic spot is one holiday resort while nestling in a landscape of unspoilt natural beauty and marvelous mountain splendor. Heavy mists of its infinite varieties and beauties hung in the valley and obscured the mountains.

The hills with different shapes are fading in and out, on one occasion, it is like paradise, and on another, like fairies coming down to the human world, and heavenly horse running in the sky, flying up to the cloud regions. This must be accounted one of the more ludicrous phenomena of the scenic spot. The picturesque temples and other historic buildings in the stockade village of the Zangxiang had its unique style and features.

It is noted that people worship nature. They believed that everything in the natural world was spiritual and it could control their social-cultural activities, the human who have a very strong sense of harmony with the nature and would rely upon nature. They're pure and simple, live and work comfortably together. They always hung together when one of them was in trouble. The place is also the last Shangri-La. Here human beings could be intermingled with nature in a harmonious way.
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