The Miao File: Lively Lusheng Field

3/24/2012 Johny Sights Guizhou 2278
This is a small town located in 14 km south of Shibing county, Guizhou Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, it is a town full of green, and is called "Willow Pond". No matter how much willows and how big a pond it is, you can image a lot merely from its name. On every February 25 of the traditional Chinese calendar, there will be "climb slope", "Lusheng Ceremony" and other folk activities held in local village.

This is a native Miao village, and the villagers hold “Basuo Culture and Lusheng Meeting" every year.

March 29, 2011, every February 25 Lunar New Year, witnessed the "the Basuo Kedao Culture Festival & February Lusheng Ceremony".

The Hunan-Guizhou railway pass through the stockade rapidly, and now, the Miao people here sing and continue an era ...

Miao fellow citizens would not "let go" such a holiday, they trickled toward the song field, and those who met on the road had sincere smile on the face.

I liked to see Miao fellow wearing costumes most, no matter a person or crowd together.

But I prefered to see the calm and natural smile of Miao people.

I loved to use the lens to find "free" scenario, these were landscapes, and would become precious memories.

Here, Miao and Han people were natural close with each other, very friendly.

Several Miao elderly sit there, seeming like desire nothing.

There was one disabled friend helping plan years event, and a media reporter had an interview with him. To have such a friend involved, it was gratifying.

Those Miao elderly and children at the song field of Lusheng ceremony. 

I wanted to leave some memory for 10, 20, 30, 50 years later.

A Miao girl eat "cotton candy".

Two naive children were doing the innocent action.

Taking the sleeping baby in his arms, he still waited to see the annual show!

"Later you should be like this: Straighten your confident head!" - The teacher said quietly.

Ready to dance and prepare for singing

“You see my silver lock is very beautiful, isn’t it?”

“Im ready for stage!”

Two children were holding a "holy Sheng" to wait the "auspicious" time.

The "Miao King" - Chairman of the Miao Institute gave a speech.

The Miao children in the experimental class of Willow Town Central Primary School "culture into the campus" demonstrated their school work.

The children demonstrated their performance.

Three sisters of Shanmu troupe in Shibing County who had participated in several national perforce were performing on the stage.

Part of the Shanmu performance troupe members appeared on the stage.

Leian Qi, a teacher in Shibing Shuangjing School sang a song for the opening ceremony.

This couple acted in concert with each other.

The necessary tools for Miao festivals: Lusheng.

On the face read the signs of the Miao compatriots, perhaps, if there were two more cups of "wine", they would be more momentum.

The folks played Lusheng attentively.

If I don’t tell you, do you know the second man at the right side has already eighty-one years old? It is Lusheng that makes him young.

A closer look at the old man, they do not desire too much.

I did not know what the children saw, they could not help but smile.

Childrens performance has a more simple cute.

Everybody impress his love for the Festival in his own way, you see, people here went for a walk in a quiet place with their birds, or let them fight with each other.

What I think about such a scenario: let the wind and waves go, just sit tight in the fishing boat.

There were many people participated in the activities regardless of the changeable weather: food is the most important thing.

After the performance, the Miao girls wanted to leave their youth beauty, they asked the photographer to take pictures for them, why not?

The girls who like flora photography leaded the photographer to the full bloom rape fields.

Capture the intimate moments between two girls



The girls walking in the field


Good figures

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